Scientists' Worried Over Mind Games

Wired takes a closer look at Direct Game-to-Brain Interfaces and their possible application in the videogame space. Can technology tested and used to help quadriplegics be used for games? Scientist disagree worrying what the after effects could do to gamers.

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sovietsoldier4061d ago

funny-most of the general public think games melt gamers minds anyway!

Rooftrellen4061d ago

I really don't think I would even want something like this. Games should have something to do with reflexes, and the brain reacts to things before we can (after all, it takes much longer to move your arm/thumb than for your brain to recieve a signal).

The time it takes for you to tell yourself what to do in response to a signal on the screen is huge, and differs person to person. That's where the fun of games is. In its most advanced form, this would be like thinking of where you want a character to jump, and he does it. There is no skill involved in that, as there is trying to get him there with a control method you see on any console to date.