Ubisoft: “Another big Assassin’s Creed” for 2011

Scrawl: "Following Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot’s hint at a new Assassin’s Creed for 2011/12, Ubisoft EMEA chief of marketing and sales Geoffroy Sardin has confirmed a new release in the franchise for 2011."

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JewelTheif3068d ago

This better not become a yearly series and get ruined or anything!

Quagmire3067d ago

I do love AC series, but this is getting somewhat outta hand, although I wouldnt mind if they make an Altair spinoff game akin to brotherhood. Would love to go back to that time period again, just without the repetitiveness.

Nate-Dog3067d ago

They already made Bloodlines for the PSP though. :/

Hate to say it but it looks like the milking has truly begun.

Active Reload3067d ago

If you love a game franchise I would think you would want to continue to get more of that game as much as possible. If the quality of the game never diminishes then I would be all for getting more story, game play, and refinement. Unfortunately I have yet to play a AC game and my favorite games usually have me waiting at least two years before I can get something fresh from them.

Chubear3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Churn out anything "Assassin's Creed" yearly with some updates here and there, put your PR group to work on hyping and Voila! = Milking 101. Class has begun lol

Sheikh Yerbouti3067d ago

@Nate. Milking is only bad when the game suffers. That said...

Bloodlines was terrible. Every level was like every other level. Load times were long. The game was short. The only reason to play Bloodlines is for the unlockables in AC II. Money carries over as well.

The DS game was crap too, I heard.

DaTruth3067d ago

Played the first game and I thought I was enjoying it, until I finished it, went to restart the game and realized I couldn't bring myself to replay it!

After that, no more AC for me!

Come to think of it though, I am in the middle of my second playthrough of GTA4(bought it at launch) and am bored as Hell... but it seems different because after the first finish I did a lot of screwing around with the game(battling police, pushing people down stairs, beating up peds and running people over in various ways and vehicles).

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NBT913067d ago

It's a bit late for that now, JewelThief :).
Although, I don't mind. I mean I played AC and it was good, but I didn't like it enough to give the sequel a go, which in turn made Brotherhood not even worth a look as I had missed the 2nd game and heard it helps if you played 2.

Thus I will give this one a miss too. It's like Metal Gear Solid, if you miss the previous game, you are less likely to play the next one. OK bad comparison maybe, but I don't care I want to get back to GT5 lol.

andron3067d ago

I thought I recently saw an article saying there wouldn't be a new AC until nr 3?

Haven't really finished AC2 yet, so this will put me way behind...

poopface13067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I am one of the people who LOVED even the first AC. I thought 2 was great, and Im still waiting to play brotherhood. As much as I love the series, I am not in a rush to go out and buy Brotherhood yet. It seems great still but im worried now that another one will be coming out next year too.

Soon each one will just become blended with the others in our minds, kinda like how I hate family guy now. Hearing about a new AC game already has lost its excitement for me, now im just "meh" when I hear about a new AC game. Hope its amazing, but I bet they still wont make it challenging or have a hard mode.

Sheikh Yerbouti3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I wasn't going to get it because it seemed like Assassin's Creed ODST. My first impression was it is just AC II with a Portable Ops game mechanic and multiplayer.

If it didn't advanced the whole story, which I love, I wouldn't have bought it on release. Still I was looking forward to another time period, the French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, World War I...?

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Nitrowolf23068d ago

Dear UbiSoft
Don't make AC a yearly game, It's a great game but for me it's going to lose it's value if it means one every year

Croash3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Well apparently AC : Brotherhood is a really strong title even though it was developed in only a year.

The only thing Ubisoft has to make sure of is that the next AC will be as long as its predecessors and will keep the intriguing plot we know the franchise has.

outwar60103067d ago

they played it smart they used the previous engine which was good and gave a story that answered questions about enzio that people actually wanted to know and an online that was pretty great

Kamikaze1353068d ago

Brotherhood was their biggest launch title ever? Good, it's a great game and deserves recognition =)

creamsoda3067d ago

Starting to turn into Assasins Greed. Hope it doesn't turn out like the Call Of Duty games.

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