Gran Turismo 5 Graphical Review -

An in depth look in to the graphical problems present in Polyphony's latest addition to the Gran Turismo franchise, as viewed from the perspective of a long time GT fan.

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Jio2909d ago

It will get better. Yamauchi said he will update it weekly. Eventually the game will be finished though updates

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Sunny_D2909d ago

Damn, I never seen a game getting so scrutinized for the graphics when the minor gripes are always easily ignored in every other game. Man, it's so weird why GT gets this type of attention.

BYE2908d ago

I guess certain people feel threatened by every good game for the PS3.

Remember, the original Xbox got abandonded by Microsoft last gen when the PS2 took off.

Bobbykotickrulesz2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I completely agree with the article.

Standard cars are unacceptable. I mean, why? Seriously. Why do they look so shitty? Why why why?

And the first thing I said when I seen the rain on GT5 yesterday was "what the.. this doesn't look like the weather trailer.." I was irritated. They clearly edited that video to the maximum. They edited every video to the maximum. Why? lol I'm in love with the game overall, but then there's things like this that make me go "what in the hell..." You could have made a perfect game, that's all I'm saying. With standard cars looking like you actually put effort into them, textures and shadows actually worked on... Ah whatever, the game is great but it could have been much, much better if only they worked on things that actually mattered instead of spending 2 months on the interior of one car.

Masterchef20072908d ago

cause of the hype and development time is what im guessing

militant072908d ago

when a developer hype their graphic insanily and then the fanboys come in and hype, hype and hype.

flash back to the GT5 article before release and see what rediculse things were said.

fr0sty2908d ago

when you are the king of anything, your every action will be scrutinized by those wishing to replace you.

SIX2908d ago

I also agree. My biggest complaint is actually the graphics. So strong at points and so unforgivingly terrible at others. I really love this game though, and it proves that although graphics are really important. At times it is never enough to competely destroy a game. I hope they release a special edition a year from now with more polish.

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The story is too old to be commented.