CBC NEWS | Gran Turismo 5 Review

CBC News: Many people were expecting Gran Turismo 5 to be nothing less than jaw dropping. Ultimately, it’s a solid and fun racing game that will appeal to fans of the series and newcomers alike, but it doesn’t fully deliver on the expectations.

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SasanovaS19873861d ago

quit spreading lies dude. GT5 has everything it claimed to have. what did you expect? blood of jesus with the game? its the best sim racer out there, period. thats all it set to do. it didnt disappoint true GT just dissapointed skilless kids who think driving is done with rockets and explosives

ubiquitious3861d ago

This is from the most reputable new source in Canada.

"Ultimately, it’s a solid and fun racing game that will appeal to fans of the series and newcomers alike, but it doesn’t fully deliver on the expectations. But it sure is arousing to look at — if you’re into cars, that is."

That sums it up very well. GT5 is a great game, but it under delivered. I will still pick it up eventually but not until it's in the bargain bin.

And what's with the Forza comparison? That game is ollldd

itchy183861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

bargain bin? lmao! sure dude. us who already have it are goin to enjoy this game that's full of content, while you wait until it's in the bargain bin? HAHAHAHA you're missing a lot right now. tsk

this game is really good!!!!!!

DaTruth3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

The Conservative government threatened their funding and now they are practically Faux News!

They only churn out right wing propaganda now, which is conducive with putting down foreign products and propping up domestic(North American) products!

dgroundwater3861d ago


Right wing govt's in the west typically encourage a free market approach. The only groups I see encouraging protectionism are labour unions, which are left wing last time I checked.

happyface3861d ago

all the sony fans need to get together and report all the negative GT5 reviews so they dont show up on n4g and people dont know all the GT5 flaws

Active Reload3861d ago

You had me going there for a second, lol.

hoops3861d ago

The problem is, IT WAS hailed as the blood of Jesus for racing games. It was and that's the sad truth about it.
The HYPE and EXPECTATIONS for this game was the most I have seen this generation.
It did not meet expectations.
Hell NO GAME could have based on that type of hype and expectations.
It was doomed from the start for trying to meet expectations that are unattainable.

P_Bomb3861d ago

CBC reports regular news, they have no pedigree in videogames. It's like asking EGM to write a report on Obama's bailout plan.

Ducky3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Well, entertainment and video games fall under "regular" news too.

For some reason, I tend to prefer these kinds of reviews. Usually there isn't that much bias at the cost of not being very thorough... but meh, that isn't really a rule set in stone anyways.
(Although, looking at the person who submitted this article on N4G... has me a bit cautious)

Braxens3861d ago

Sure...but we'll trust yahoo's 10 rating

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red2tango3861d ago

lol @ CBC

This is the last company I'd read a review from for any game

Parapraxis3861d ago

Their reviews are actually pretty good.

karlowma3861d ago

Yeah as I was reading the review, I was noticing how professional it was. Well written and unbiased. I think CBC has been doing a great job with their game reviews.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Is submitted by N4PS3G and a review from cbc?, I know what kind of review this is.

The review didn't mention all features....

Sunny_D3861d ago

Unreliable? yeah, most likely.

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