In-game Advertising: Free Games, or Game Free?

In response to the news that Double Fusion is showing off their new dynamic in-game advertising software at the Austin Game Developers Conference, Gameplayer explores the huge implications this could have for gaming in this in-depth feature.

"Certainly, the way Double Fusion are pitching the concept is angled at keeping the gaming community on side. What they see happening is a game being released at launch at full-recommended retail price, minus any ads. Once it's had its run in the charts and brought in its short-head dividends, the game would then be made available for free, but with all this hidden fusion.runtime code in full functionality and ads sold throughout the experience... but don't let that blind you. There are many scary possibilities they are not talking about..."

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ShiftyLookingCow4114d ago

I just played Crackdown a few hours back and find it amusing to see ads on billboards for cars, new films like Shoot Em Up, Superbad etc.

DeadlyFire4113d ago

I welcome advertising to the gaming world, but only if its totally destructable adding in more fun if you don't like certain products you can blow up all their ads. :P

I don't know how if I would like to see Burger King or Pepsi adds inside of a DnD type of game like Lord of the Rings Online or World of Warcraft though. Ads should be nifty addition to modern types of games though, but not overused.

ShiftyLookingCow4113d ago

haha yeah if one of those god ugly hair or impotence ads ever make it to games, I would so totally want to blow them up

SlappingOysters4113d ago

There's no way they would be $20 million for an ad placement you could just geo-mod off the map