Gran Turismo 5- Since When do Graphics Make the Game?

StrengthGamer: I'm disappointed. Not with Gran Turismo 5 mind you, but with gamers across the board. Nearly every article I have read is either a graphics comparison, an opinion piece on how terrible non-premium cars look, or a combination of the two. Apparently the way the game looks is far more important than the way it plays. On second thought, I'm not disappointed. I'm pissed.

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Akagi3858d ago

They don't. Gameplay is first and foremost, IMO. Graphics are just a delightful bonus. Example: CS 1.6 - bad graphics (I think they're good, but generally people don't liken to them well) but exceptional gameplay.

AvidGamerrrr3858d ago

Couldn't agree with this article more. It's absolutely ridiculous. You would think that every other game out there had no glitches, no graphic faults. It's sad when a few graphical issues are bringing the score of Gran Turismo 5 down.

Active Reload3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

"Neckbear + 5m ago
So...Before GT5 released: 'Best graphics in a racer it's gonna be awesome!!'

After GT5 released: 'Since when graphics matter?'

I'm not trying to start anything here, but come on. #6 "


InfectedDK3858d ago

Every single hater or review with lack of understanding for this amazing game only bashing it because of graphics. It's very weird. Almost like they know the PS3 is better like it has to perform better in every aspect of a game that's possible. This game is great and this opinion piece is absolutely corret. It's the best racing game that man has made although it cannot turn your PS3 into a spaceship.

Active Reload3858d ago

Infected, as much hype that PS3 fanatics throw at everything that graces the console, people are going to check and make sure that the hype is met. It just so happens that people that prefer that console are also the most vocal on n4g. Are you blind?

evrfighter3858d ago

all i ever saw in GT5 related articles pre-launch was graphics this, graphics that

TheBlackSmoke3858d ago

Of course gameplay comes before graphics, but hello people gt5 is the best looking driving sim period. I have the game (unlike most of the haters) and im actually starting to worry about the majority of peoples eyesight on n4g because the game over all looks phenomenal.

If any game is nitpicked as much as gt5 you will find faults, NO game is perfect. gran turismo 5 has just been a scapegoat, for whatever reason "journalists" and fanboys have felt this need to prove that gt5 is not as good looking as it claims to be.

Shame that these sites aren't as thorough when they are throwing out 9 and 10's to generic FPS No#1209232954.

Shadow Flare3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Makes me laugh the people who diss this game. "Teh dogs in GT5 look awful, I'm not buying this game". Who cares. You don't know what you're missing with GT5. The experience is the best I've played. And graphically, there are flaws, but overall it's spectactular. The premium cars are incredibly beautiful. The best of GT5 beats the best of any other racer. The people who allow these pathetic tiny flaws with GT5 to put them off buying the game are utter idiots

karl3858d ago

Gran Turismo 5 .. has the best graphics and the best gameplay ever...

it also is the most content filled game ive played in a long time...

its value its incredible...

Immortal3213858d ago

the graphics present the gameplay, to sell the game.

n4gno3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@active reload, you can say the opposite, when kz2, and others best graphic this gen are downaplyed by fanboyz, they always say "bububu teh graphics is not important bubu" (even if the gameplay is also perfect), and when gt5 has some cars, with inferior graphics, they easily talk about "graphics this, graphics that" (forgetting that the best of the game can't be seen on xbox)

by the way, the xbox fantards are so desperated, than even with the best simulator, best graphics (even with sub-par standard, they try to spin this "uhuhuh now "graphic don't matter" : dumb ms whore, you are the only one to say that ! for ps3 owners it matter, like gameplay, and we have both of us ! you don't.

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Braxens3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

So all those photo modes and screenshots and videos with STUNNING, JAW DROPPING, AMAZING GT5 graphics, those were all for nothing? Because what we were told by the ps3 crowd is that those were proof that gt5 was the best thing since fire

Dante1123858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I know a few of you think that I've been trolling GT5 articles, but real talk, I gotta say I see it on both sides.

Xbox360: Halo3 , Gears 2 have the best graphics on consoles

2 years later *Lens of Truth comes out with that BS UC Vs Gears 2 crap*

PS: Told you. UC has the best graphics on consoles!

3 years later

X360: Damn, are those in game. Alan Wake has the best graphics on consoles.

and so on....

Orionsangel3858d ago

So if GT5 had GT1 graphics you'd be fine with that?

Blinding_Solo3858d ago

GT5 live Streaming on Justin Tv. Check it out.

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showtimefolks3858d ago

you remember back in 2006-2007 when xbox community was more vocal it just happens all the time

so no worries no xbox community is complaining where was all that 3 years ago when every article was about ps3 DOOM and NO games

what goes around comes around and you can call ps3 community spoiled but that's what we have gotten use to with sony giving us so many AAA games to play and we have higher standards disagree all you want that's the way i feel

i feel like every game should have uncharted 2 kind of treatment graphics/online/story etc,,,,

now is that too much asking because uncharted 2 took 18 months of devolpment so it can happen if devs put the time into it

Man In Black3858d ago

It's Killzone 2 all over again, with people going in to almost forensic levels of investigation to find the slightest blemish in terms of graphics. But then, I guess they expect more when it comes to the exclusives. Don't remember Gears 2 or Forza getting examined this much (or subjected to shitloads of negative articles).

Nihilism3858d ago

I think graphics have made the game ever since PS3 gamers have been railing on about teh graphics all the while ignoring the gameplay of 360 games, only using the graphics as an excuse to 1-up 360 gamers.

Now that GT5 is out people are not only retracting that statement, but also retracting their absolute obsession on metacritic ratings, and they are also retracting their 'sales =/= quality statement' I have seen a lot of PS3 fanboys talking about GT5 sales...

In the business we call that hypocrisy.

Humble pie tastes good.

"Play games not sales" is the last refuge of a poor beaten down fanboy. I'm sure Forza 3 fans have been enjoying the game despite the reviews, which by the way seem to almost unanimously state that of the two, Forza is the better game.

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Godmars2903858d ago

Since Turn 10 made it an issue?

Zir03858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

PS3 gamers believe if it looks amazing the game is amazing. GT5 is a clear example of this, everyone's jaw dropped with all the videos of GT5 but how many hands-on were there? When was the gameplay ever described? Never.

Turn 10 focused on gameplay and it shows in the scores, PD focused on modelling a bunch of cars without ever thinking of the actual "game" and the scores reflect this.

No, are you?

I agree its not just PS3 gamers, but they are the ones who go on about graphics the most, since PS3 exclusives usually have great graphics.

If that was the case it would at least score equal to Forza 3 but it didn't. Forza 3 is a better game than GT5 you just need to except that.

What you have to understand if having more realism doesn't mean the gameplay is better, can you imagine if COD was 100% real? One shot and you would be dead, gameover, and not much of a game. You got to have some fun and GT5 is too much simulator and too little game.

velocitygamer3858d ago

Dude...are you on Crack 3.0 beta edition? Stop with the GT5 hate ffs...

irepbtown3858d ago


Isnt it a simulator?

If you want Arcade shit, play NFS hot pursuit or games like that.

RandomGamer3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

It's not just PS3 gamers its most gamers this gen.It is the gen of the graphic whore,Seems like every review I read about any game one of the first comments anyone makes is about the graphics.

ArcFatalix3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

you donno shit stfu

reviews say GT5 cars have terrific handling, did you miss that or pull that out of your ass?

GT5 rated down because of delays and it doesnt innovate, online broken etc

GT5 gameplay >>>>>>>&a mp;a mp;g t;>> forza 3 gameplay so go read those reviews again

Edit : lol what forza 3 is not a better game when it comes to driving, it has a better online, is balanced and everyone can play it, but when it comes to racing GT5 owns forza 3

go read the reviews again as IGN said 10/10 simulator

you havent played GT5, i have played both so stfu

SpartanPrince3858d ago

Um...reallly ziro. Maybe you should actually read the reviews because they all say that the handling and physics are unmatched. And of course your jaws drop when you see a new game video-that happens with ANY game with good graphics. SMH trolls these days...

oldjadedgamer3858d ago

It's one thing to acknowledge GT5s problems - because it does have them.

But to say that Forza's gameplay is better than GT5 is stupid to the point of retarded.

Was GT5 a perfect game? No. But was it reviewed on a different scale/set of criteria than Turn 10s games? Yes.

Open your eyes.

jjohan353858d ago

Sorry bub. GT5's score was knocked down because it didn't feel like a good GAME. But it's a great racing sim with its own operating system within the game itself.

Not sure why everyone is knocking on GT5. Maybe it didn't live up to the hype but after getting over that the first few hours, GT5 is actually really really great racing sim. Regardless of track or vehicle, the driving was exhilarating and the features are outstanding especially in the lobby/lounge system.

When people are comparing 'gameplay' between GT5 and other games, what are they really comparing since GT5 is a racing sim and not really a game? Are they comparing driving? (GT5 wins). Are they comparing physics? (GT5 wins). Are they comparing graphics? (GT5 wins but it is more recent than other older games). Are they comparing features? (GT5 wins). What exactly is 'gameplay' in this case? This is a racing sim, not an arcade racer. If you want to play a racing game, there's always Need for Speed or hit up the arcades at D&B if you're even old enough.

Peace out.

The Maxx3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

"Are they comparing driving? (GT5 wins)"
- Opinion. I think without proper damage for all cars, driving no longer becomes realistic.

"Are they comparing physics? (GT5 wins)"
- Opinion. Again, where are the physics with collisions with the lack of damage and consequences?

"Are they comparing graphics? (GT5 wins but it is more recent than other older games)"
- Opinion. 800+ cars is a HUGE chunk of cars with poorer graphics than the other 200. Are we just now going to turn a blind eye to what isn't attractive in the game only to focus on the minimal aspects that stand out like the sad 200 cars?

"Are they comparing features? (GT5 wins)"
Opinion again. Forza 3 has a lot of features, as well as online features. These features are CORE features. Anyone can throw a bunch of useless features into a game and use it as a bullet point. It's CORE features that elevate the game. Keep your head tracking. I prefer mechanical/physical damage on ALL cars and the ability to have a cockpit view in ALL cars as well as have total freedom to completely customize/tune/mod EVERY car.

SoapShoes3858d ago

@The Maxx

Those 800 cars still look good, have you played the game? They aren't as good but look as good as any other racing game.

jjohan353858d ago

Maxx doesn't own multiple systems lol.

What proper damage do you speak of on other console games? I own Forza 1, 2, and 3 on my 360 and the damage is the same if not worse than GT5. Please feel free to compare. There are plenty of youtube videos that show the minimal damage in Forza 3 yet GT5 gets knocked for it.

The 800+ cars aren't impressive next to the premium cars but they're just as good if not better than other console racers currently available.

I OWN FORZA 3 and as much as I love the game while it kept me waiting for GT5 on my PS3, the features were basic in Forza 3 at best. Do you seriously think PD was twiddling their thumbs for 5 years while Turn 10 was turning their Forza franchise into another milked EA sports franchise?

TheBlackSmoke3858d ago

You are just proving you haven't played the game. Everything that you said is missing, is in the game.

Performance damage is on EVERY car, visual damage is more realistic and extreme once you level up past a certain point, this is so that as a begginer you can get to learn the game first without being penalized plus in the early stages you do not have enough credits to repair damage. You do know Forza 3's damage model is just a swapped out damaged version of the car you are already in? gt5,s premium cars deform piece by piece circumsantially, whilst the standards use the same method as forza 3.

Full Performance/tuning customization is there for EVERY car, you can even add spoilers and bumpers on to standards. Yeah sorry gt5 does not allow me to put naruto and sonic stickers all over my lambo but this aint need for speed or midnight club.

Just because you label things as "opinion" it doesn't make it exempt from being completely false and bullshit.

If you like Forza 3: The sands of time then fine, but please don't base an argument on a game you have played vs a game you haven't

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3858d ago
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lodossrage3858d ago

But what I don't understand is this. If it looks better than any of the other console games similar to it, why are people upset about the graphics in the first place?

PeeWizzle3858d ago

Because a next gen 3d game shouldn't have 2d sprites jumping around.

lodossrage3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Yeah but do you realize how many games have EXACTLY that issue and don't even get the slightest criticism for it? Why should this particular game be any different?

soundslike3858d ago

If your playing GT right you really don't have time to take in the view. Tunnel vision takes over.

I don't care what people think about the graphics, they impress me, but what I will say is this:
They should bump up the graphical effects for =<720p since the sacrifices they made for it to run at 1080p 60fps are not needed to run the game in 720p60fps. That way if you really want the shadows to be more detailed they can be.

SoapShoes3858d ago

It's an amazingly good looking game with some problems that are having a magnifying glass focused on them by trolls and they are the only ones claiming it doesn't look good.

AwesomeJizz3858d ago

Looks better than any of the other ASS. That's how I read it.

NexGen3858d ago

I used to thoroughly enjoy a Squaresoft racer called Rad Racer. I think those that complain about graphics need to remember how far things have come and stop nitpicking minor details. GT5, Forza, NFS are all much better looking than what I enjoyed in the 80's, therefore I don't cry over a jaggy shadow. Well, these are my evaluation standards anyway lol.

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Yomiro3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Since When do Graphics Make the Game?

Since the date we enter into the HD era.

militant073858d ago

for me yes

graphic is very important

just like as gameplay

if one fail the other probably will fail too

by graphic i mean good graphic not 1080p 120hz 4d