Gran Turismo 5 wont run in PSJailbreak

Mathieu Hervais has confirmed via twitter that the game wont function correctly because the game will black screen instead of error out, so for all those that expected to play Gran Turismo 5 FREE well you´r in for a treat.

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ryuzu3858d ago

Well I think this was pretty well known once 3.51 was released - either way, it looks like Sony and PD will sell a gazzillion of these again.

Looks like those 20Gb images were a waste of bandwidth lol.


will113858d ago

It runs fine on mine... i don't know what this article is talking about.

cemelc3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Proof pls. I know youre lying but ill let you make a fool out of yourself.

pixelsword3858d ago

imaginary gameplay doesn't count, will.

comp_ali3858d ago

@ will
yeah . I think it is reversed . It freezes for those with the original copy. LoL

comp_ali3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Even those who bought it can't run it :lol:

Darkfocus3858d ago

ya I don't personally own one but I've seen people playing backup copy's of it at the student center at my college

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zeddy3858d ago

if the delay stopped piracy im delighted.

vhero3858d ago

Thsi is why it was held back I heard its running in a mild capacity at one point by spoofing but you could only run arcade mode or something.

raztad3858d ago

bu bu I cant play GT5 for free, game is disappointing.

HDgamer3858d ago Show
soundslike3858d ago

They've been trolling because they are waiting for a new game to come out

so please microsoft, release a new exclusive to restore balance to the force.

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scar203858d ago

@will11 Your a troll so scram.

FACTUAL evidence3858d ago

Told you dumb ass hackers....

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Convas3858d ago

Haha, sucks for you pirates. Now suck it up and go buy the damn game. SUPPORT the Game Industry.

NBT913858d ago

I should certainly hope not, I paid £39 for it, why should anyone else be able to get it for free via illegal means that Sony is now aware of?

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The story is too old to be commented.