Gamereactor: Bizarre Business [The Weekly Opinion]

Gamereactor's Bengt Lemne has written an opinion piece that deals with the recent news that Bizarre Creations and Harmonix are looking for new owners.

"The news that Viacom are trying to offload Harmonix and that Activision will either sell or close down Bizarre Creations got me thinking about how fragile success in the gaming industry is. Harmonix are responsible for one of the biggest booms of the last five years (Guitar Hero), and Bizarre Creations were purchased in 2007 on the back of four very successful Project Gotham titles. Mismanagement? I would say so. Bizarre Creations were known for the semi-simulation style street racers, and under Activision ownership they produced one great, but undermarketed weapon based multiplayer-focused racer, Blur, and a rather weak licensed action title James Bond 007: Blood Stone."

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