Does Online Gaming Matter To Consoles?

Since 1999, major console makers including Microsoft (MSFT), Sony (SNE), Nintendo, and the now-defunct Sega have been touting online gaming as a mainstay of the industry. And though online console use is rising, mainstream apathy means the initiative has never matured.

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power of Green 4115d ago

With out online a company shouldn't be in the gaming market trying to win the console war. Adds value for the money not possible 6 or 7 years ago no console can win the war with out online. Its a trendy cultural shift thats unstoppable. (O_o).

reaferfore204114d ago

Yeah Wii's online is a joke. Only good thing is the virtual console... but I can download all those games for free off the internet and play them on my PSP, so..... hmm.

djt234114d ago

i can download all of game on my DS

heroman7114114d ago

at guy above me

dude i totally agree with u. i cant even connect my wii to my internet, ive tried wifi and ethernet cables and it still wont work.

Bloodmask4115d ago

necessary for next gen gaming. It adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Playing against a real opponent is always more challenging than an AI controlled one.

eLiNeS4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Online play will be growing more and more when games like HALO 3 come out with 4 player co-op. My brother and brother-in-law's all have Xbox's and they don't really like the online multiplayer aspect, I think it's because they get powned to easily but they will be all over the co-op, it's going to be a blast. If more games come out where it's you against the AI and the story and game play are on point, and you can get 4 players immersed into the game over Xbox Live or some other service then you will see a lot more taking advantage of what online can do for you and then maybe they will get good enough to take on a real opponent and start liking that aspect of it all. I do think people don't like getting there @$$ handed to them the second they step out on the battlefield. I on the other hand will be handing you your @$$!!! LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.