My beef with the new 2K11 patch (PS3)

Charles from The Game Fanatics breaks apart the latest 2K11 patch.

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Playerz84978d ago

Wow I was pissed about the Playvision in My Player, but it's in the Jordan challenges too? I guess I'm sticking with the Association.

kalebgray924977d ago

havent plugged in my ethernet cord since... so im still with the good MyPlayer mode.... yeah i have the old 360.... yeah im not going to buy a stupid wifi connector

ufo8mycat4976d ago

This patch improves the game more then it breaks. ( I don't play MYPLAYER - useless anyway)

knight6265149d ago

Only game iam waiting for is for mafia 2 nothing else intrest me well only Metal gear solid peace walkers but ill get that soon

Conloles5149d ago

Mafia 2 lol all 2K get money from is GTA style games and Nba 2K.

MightyMark4275149d ago

The only game I'm waiting for is Mafia II

killyourfm5149d ago

O_O - Not interested in XCOM?

Syaz15149d ago

nice. waiting to see what mafia 2 and spec ops the line has too offer. not into rts games, so civ 5 not for me, and not too familiar with x-com series.

AliTheBrit195149d ago

I think 2K are probably the best Publisher.

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Tattoo artist successfully sues 2K for replicating their designs on a WWE 2K wrestler

From VGC: "A tattoo artist has successfully sued 2K Sports and its parent company Take-Two Interactive for including her designs in WWE 2K video games.

Catherine Alexander filed the lawsuit in 2018, claiming that her tattoo designs had been used without her permission in WWE 2K16, WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18.

The tattoos in question are original tribal-style designs Alexander applied to WWE superstar Randy Orton’s upper back and arms in real life."

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Software_Lover649d ago

......... Some of these lawsuits I just don't get.

CobraKai649d ago

I don’t either. On can argue that she owes Orton for being the canvas to show her artwork. I personally feel that since money was exchanged between her and Orton, that the issue should be if Orton wants his tattoos showcased or not.

roadkillers648d ago

Very confusing… so Pepsi has no issues with Punk having a tattoo with Pepsi symbol with him being in all of these promotions.

Can you get sued for using WD-40 in a movie? At what point do you own something. Too confusing.

LostinthePANIC649d ago

I can understand the artist's point of view and the ruling was more than fair:

"The jury determined that Alexander was entitled to $3,750 in damages. It also determined that since none of the game’s profits came as a direct result of her tattoos being included, she wasn’t entitled to any further compensation."

Rainbowcookie649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

That is nothing to be honest. It does make it harder for authentic Orton to be included in wrestling games in the future. She will probably try to to push for more. I wonder how the amount was worked out.

Bobertt649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

She won't get more because they ruled even though they included the tattoo in the game they didn't profit off it because no one bought the game just because of her tattoo. The $3750 is for using it without having the rights to it.

P_Bomb649d ago

Ridiculous. Especially if she spent more on legal fees.

andy85649d ago

Any decent tattoo artist wouldn't replicate a design anyway so why does it matter? It's his body 😂 this is a poor ruling because now it opens the can of worms of every famous person in games having to be edited or some tattooist will sue.

MrBaskerville649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

But could also result in companies having to pay artists for using their work, which is a good thing. It's unusual, but why should a tattoo have less worth than a painting, song or a logo?