GT5: Can this be true? Incredibly ugly standard cars

Cynamite writes: "We could not believe our eyes when we saw screenshots from Gran Turismo 5, which hopefully could only be fake. Either this is a bug or Polyphony has not applied the same standards for all cars."

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jazzking20013851d ago

or it could simply be that the real version of the car is UGLY lol

SmokexFFx3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Yeah, the real version of the car must be full of jaggies also.

Is this really how bad the other 800 cars look or is it only these few?

InfectedDK3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

So, the standard cars looks like Forza 3?

Well maybe there's around 10 cars or something that looks a bit like PS2 and need a patch? Nevermind. Before you even notice those car in the game they'll look better. Nothing here folks. Just play the game.

Braxens3851d ago

Because bashing Forza makes it all better

Chubear3851d ago Show
zootang3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )


Why bash GT in the first place, it Kills everything else out there and for good measure throws in 3D. These sites should be ignored.

Edit: @Disagrees: Go play NFS with your 67 cars.

Nihilism3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )


I believe the trolling of GT5 is what we call 'the karmic wheel'. Remember the year long hype train B.S about "silky smooth 60 frames at 1080p" ( people think GT5= 1920x1080), and all those B.S photo mode screenshots where there was nothing going going on on screen?

How could anyone forget. Now that you are driving down a PS2-esque barren landscape with 2d crowds, trees, and blank green textures for 'hills' etc with massive frame rate dips in regular play ( not '3d' ) with copy/paste PS2 cars, all of a sudden people wonder why they are being called out. It's called humility, you need to learn it because in a few days when yet another mutliplat comes out that looks significantly better on 360 you will look rather stupid if you keep up the same old act.

Even GRID, a 2007 multiplat looks better on PC than the uber produced GT5...GRID has better car models and much much better environments incl. 3D crowds/environments

The only thing GT5 ever had going for it was the car models and it doesn't even have that. You can start talking about GT5 sales now, because you're running out of excuses.

T9X693851d ago

@zootang - Wait, so you reply to a guy talking about someone bashing Forza, just to turn around and bash arcade racer? Who takes NFS as serious as people take GT and Forza? NFS is a great arcade racer and pure fun, why you're comparing that to a simulator is beyond me.

poopoojames3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I noticed this when watching pre-release gameplay vids stating that the rear of the cars looked horrible but I got a load of disagrees for saying so. You're eating your words fanboys.

Braxens3851d ago

@chubear, how many articles have you seen hyping gears 3 as the next coming in video games? How many articles have you seen talking about how impossible gears 3 would be on ps3?
How many articles have you seen showing video after video, screenshot after screenshot, photo mode after photo mode showing how AMAZING gears 3 looks?
How many fanboys do you hear saying gears of war 3 is the end of ps3.
How many times have you heard that the release date for gears will be the end of all gaming as we know it?
When was the last time you saw a gears article or the last time gears was in the news for over a year straight?
Now after answering all those questions, do you truly believe that the hype for gears 3 is ANYWHERE close to what we've had to endure for the last 2 years with gt5?

Active Reload3851d ago

Nice try Chubear, but the fact of the matter is...Gears 3 is already pwning Gears 1 and 2 with a beta and dedicated servers. I don't totally understand using Gears as an example comparison for or with GT5, lol. I can really see and seperate the PS3 extremist from the PS3 fans. The ones commenting now are obviously the extremist because they're using excuses to sugar coat the short comings of GT5. But in all honesty this should be a learning lesson for fan boys on both sides. Don't hype these games to unsurmountable levels or the next dish on the menu will be crow.

zootang3851d ago


The bashing was aimed at the disagree's.

What is amazing, is the amount of hate this game is getting. When it does it's job pretty well with loads of features. We all knew there would only be 200 premium cars, which is more than most other games anyway. The other 800 cars are always welcome and should not be scolded in such a manor (who drives looking at the car anyway?).

raztad3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )


GT5 looks amazing, it has some graphical inconsistencies but the game looks incredible most of the time. Have you really watched/played the game in your TV?

Check Madrid circuit, London, SSR7. All of them look amazing. The car themselves are incredible (PREMIUMs that is), random weather conditions, smoke, dust, snow. There is a lot going on in the graphical dept, and on top of that real time damage.

GT5 might be flawed (standard cars, some low quality shadows and some upscaled tracks) but at is best is an incredible looking game.

gamerdude1323851d ago

You do realize this site is dominated by PS3 fanboys, right? Last I checked, every article that said even the tiniest bit of GT5 would have a whole group of comments bashing on Forza.

Damn it, stop bashing Forza, stop bashing 360 exclusives, and 360 fanboys AND, at the same time...

Stop bashing GT5, stop bashing PS3 exclusives, and PS3 fanboys. This crap is unneeded on this site and when I'm trying to go here for my gaming news only to see some fanboy on either console ruin it with whichever console he loves, it ruins this site's appeal for me.

And both consoles have their hang-ups.
Pros:: Free online service, blu-ray, hardware that has extreme capabilities
Cons:: Inferior online service, XMB is not as useful to navigate in while in a game as the Xbox button's mini-dashboard, Inferior online service (yet it's still free, so...)

Pros:: Currently the best online service, more content to download on the XBLM, mini-dash is smooth and efficient
Cons:: Online costs money, DVDs??, fewer exclusives that simply don't stand up to the PS3 line-up.

Wii's too pathetic to have it's own section.

Ju3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Wow. The green force is strong in this (these) article(s). - it sure is. 3 disagrees within a couple of minutes.

LastDance3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

ive got a mazda RX7 and skyline standard and they dont look like that at all.

They look good actually.


I own a copy of this game.

I will tell you that the images are 100% authentic because the standard cars have jaggies every where including the shadows. In fact even in the premium models the shadows are full of jaggies but the cars them selves are very good.

When you first play in Sunday Cup in A spec the first race courses look underwhelming, the only ones that look good are the continental tracks... Tokyo, Rome etc...

Raf1k13851d ago

As someone who's completely new to racing sims I kind of expected the standard cars to not look amazing in HD since they're from GT4 and didn't think anyone would care since it's a sim game. It's pretty obvious a lot of people on this site think that visuals are everything in a simulator.

For some reason I kind of console racing sim fans to be like PC racing sim fans who actually care more about the realism of the driving experience more than the way the cars look.

hesido3851d ago

This is not an acceptable quality from GT. They shouldn't have been included, the really bad ones. I have the impression not all them are equally bad, but this also creates even more of a non uniform quality of the product..

They could include it through DLC if they got AT LEAST THE DAMN TEXTURES. Window transperancy through textures, un-flippin believable.

Just hire 1 god damn artist to at least re-amplify the textures, touch up the model here and there with the time left. Let's say the development time was 3 years. (People think the time spent on GT HD and prologue did not contribute to GT 5, they are wrong, but let's say 3 years.)

A single god damn artist could up-convert all those damn textures in 3 years, even touching up the base mesh here and there.

UKdoaney3851d ago

they don't look that bad tbh i have quite a few standard cars and it's only noticeable cos of how good the premium cars look!

JokesOnYou3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I sorta of knew this was going to happen when I read this awhile back:

If only there was more complaining instead of blind loyalty defending this decision, attacking the website, or spending time hating on *another sim racer then perhaps the devs would have went for a more "quality over quantity" approach with the car lineup. Didn't Kaz himself say he would listen to the GT fans and cater to what they wanted?....If I'm not mistaken thats what lead to damage being put in. I know I'll get some hate but really you don't need 1000 cars anyway, especially if their just 40 variations of the same model. I mean who plays with all the cars anyway? Hell 100 more premiums and NO STANDARDS would of been better imo, yeah, yeah, I get it, then some would complain its not enough cars but honestly at least they'd all be highly detailed cars WITH a cockpit view instead of 80% of car roster looking like generic cars that just seem totally out of place in a blockbuster next gen title like GT5.

Anyways lets not forget most reviews love how the cars handle on the road and for a sim fan that means theres plenty to love about GT5.

8thnightvolley3851d ago

hahah wow .. they make a ps2 no ps1 game and call it gt5 and ppl call it the best graphics.. looooool look how ugly that game looks..jesus

georgeenoob3851d ago


Did you mention Forza 3? The game with better reviews than GT5 by a long shot and wasn't even in development for as long?

specialguest3851d ago

Polyphony really dropped the ball when it comes to the standard cars. That's unacceptable for a company that prides on realism and perfection.

SeanRL3851d ago

Can't argue with these. I'm disappointed and I'm really hoping these were just caused by bugs. If not, Polyphony needs to get a patch out now. If you can't make 1000+ cars look good, then there is no reason why you should attempt to put 1000+ cars in your game.

gamingisnotacrime3851d ago

the standard cars in gt5 are GT4 models upscaled to HD. they look like sht, the lights are like stickers on the car. in gmae racing with these standard cars looks like sht too. dont hide it fanboys, most of gt5 car catalogue looks like sht

GrandTheftZamboni3851d ago

I don't have the game but I have a feeling this is like those few large pixels found on the back of Big Daddy in first PS3 Bioshock.

I pity the fool who took these photos: looking for ugly in a beautiful game.

Redrum0593851d ago

its a psp port

premium / standard / psp port

ppl need to wake up

InfectedDK3851d ago

Lol wow some long comments..
Don't even wanna read 'em.

However over 100 people disagree on playing this wonderful game because their mom only gave them a 360.

Dee_913851d ago

only a hand full look very bad
the site not working for me so i dont know what it is .. if its that picture for the article then its way fake ...

all you have fun arguing and calling each other fanboys
while im puttin hours into this game
It might have been over hyped for some sites
but for the fans of gt
it lived up to it hype minus all the nitpicking
and online is a blast
very simple too

ShinMaster3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

How convinient. Good for you guys.

Hideo_Kojima3850d ago

Some of you guys are just so gullible its making me sick...
You will believe anything you want to to justify the fact that you can't have GT5

Of course those are not GT5 standard car screenshots what are you insane?

They are PSP ports

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zeddy3851d ago

yes they're ugly but would you prefer then not to be there? and the uglyness varies car to car.

BYE3851d ago

They shouldn't be in the game, not only they're ugly, you can't use cockpit view which makes them useless.

ct033851d ago

Quality tops quantity.

retrofly3851d ago

I would prefer them not to be there, put it this way I bought a brand new s2000 over a used one, i couldnt bring myself to drive a shoddy perted one with no cockpit view. I bought GT5 for GT5, not GT4 ported cars!

stevenhiggster3851d ago

Most of them are butt ugly, and tbh although they are just as good to drive I'm starting to think that they shouldn't have been included in the game, they are its biggest weakness without a doubt. And if they hadn't spent time (though not much by the look of it) giving the standard cars a lick of HD paint then the time could have been better spent giving us another hundred or so premium cars.
Don't get me wrong, I love the game, check my comment history I am a big defender of GT5 but the standard cars look crap end of.

N4WAH3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Then why is NFS:HP rated high and doing well?
It doesn't have cockpit views at all. Nor does it have manual shifting or wheel support.

Oh man why is it all I hear is how this site is over run with and controlled by PS3 fanboys yet any member that says one positive thing about GT5 is averaging a 5 to 1 disagree to agree ratio?

GT5 is an excellent racing game.
The best yet for FFB wheels.

Is it perfect? HELL NO!
Am I enjoying it immensely (which is all that matters)? HELL YES!

Go back to hating haters and I am headed back to play one of the best sim games I have ever owned "on a console".

8thnightvolley3851d ago

this is soooo unacceptable from gt5 6 GADDAMN years... and u cant even get those cars to have inside not even that the outsides are bad but THAT BAD!!.. ps2 level no ps1. from the selling point on gt5 and how high end it is and the MR PERFECTION that was said to produce the game this is a SHAME. gt5 was touted to be the best looking game with all cars out of this world and so realistic.. YA RIGHT!!

frostypants3851d ago

Lemme get this straight:

PD included GT4 and you can import PSP cars as a bonus. No one is MAKING you use them.

And you people are bitching about it?

Holy sh*t. Grow the f*ck up.

Rush3851d ago

I would rather have 20 more premium cars then 800 standard cars.

Dee_913851d ago

thats bull
it would have to be atleast another 120 premiums because not all standards look bad
il admit there are a few that shouldve stayed out
i only saw 2 standards so far that are butt ugly out of the 20 or so ive seen in all

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Mr Marbles3851d ago

Well I can guarantee the real version of the car doesn't have all those jaggies.

happyface3851d ago ShowReplies(9)
SIX3851d ago

You know what? I'm as big a Supporter of Sony as they come, but if there are problems this big for such a huge game. I would want people to point them out. How is turning a blind eye going to make games better? PD will fix this I have confidence.

gamer81793851d ago


Wow nice comeback. The fact of the matter is that I still play halo reach all the time. I am also playing black ops on the 360(you know the version that has better graphics and less problems than the ps3).

HDgamer3851d ago

How is the ps3 version have problems when you don't own it? Your logic and reasoning is childish.

Dee_913851d ago

@ SIX only a small few standards are terrible
all the ones i race against look fairly decent
like the prowler look like a premium

Akagi3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Seriously, the standard cars are a BONUS, the premium cars are the real meat and potatoes. But you know, whatever, just be an ignorant troll.

P.S: You can turn on AA via the options. Again, just plain ignorance.

Braxens3851d ago

So you're ok calling 20% of the game's cars the meat and potatoes and the rest of the 80% a bonus? Ok

Akagi3851d ago

They are called PREMIUM, they feature damage, higher polygon count models, they have cockpit camera. Yes, I would.

stevenhiggster3851d ago

If only that were true, most of the early races kinda force you to use standard cars, and most of the AI racers are in them. They're not a bonus, they're a big mistake is what they are. I originally defended the standard cars being there, but now that I've seen how crap they look, they shouldn't have been included at all. Quality not quantity.

Ju3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Well, if 20% of those cars is more than what 90% of other games deliver today, than yes, the remaining 80% are a bonus.

Would I want 100% premium cars? I sure would. But putting the game down because you get additional content is a joke.

It does what it does in its core what no other game does. That is what makes Grand Toursimo. Always did, and that's what makes the game, not the imported PS2/PSP car models.

3851d ago
Ju3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

W/e makes you happy. I personally think, GT5 should be more. Quite true. I still feel it plays like a HD version of GT4. So, there you have it. I think it should be more. Even that is true.

But, still, there is no other racing game which achieves what GT5 does in what defines this games. This is the realism how cars handle. The achievement in areas like the premium cars etc.

And what I said is, considering, those achievements are only reached with 20% of what GT5 is - even those 20% in scope are more than most (if not all) other racing games deliver today.

Not a single one has 200 cars on the level of GT5. Not a single one has race tracks mapped down to the bumps you find in the real world track. You can actually feel your car react to those.

GT5 is meant to be a "driving" simulation. That is, why these cars are included. Nobody would want to drive one of those standard cars in a race. But if you want to experience how they feel, there you go. You can.

I would suggest PD dropping 1080p all together, tbh. Use all the power you have to improve 720p visuals and effects (yes, I see those shadow - they can be fixed). And I am upset, that after 5 years PD could not brush up those standard cars. I also think, holding on to 1080 was to keep their face when they starting boosting they can when they released Prolog. Dropping down was unthinkable after.

But the rant what people have here against the game mostly comes from those who don't even have the game. Speaking of fanboys (you). And for the record, I did never see GT5 as the second coming of Christ. I even personally believe - for my taste - NFS:Shift is a great game; for what it is. And, yet, I have both. Dirt3 will be next, and the new NFS is on my list, and so is Shift2 next year.

specialguest3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

One of the key selling points and what made GT5 enticing was the 1000 cars the game boasted. The kart racing could be considered a bonus, but not the cars. GT5 is reputably known for having a wide selections of cars, and some of these standard cars looked worse than GT4 due to being upscaled.

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DigitalAnalog3851d ago

That this could be the cars that are:


I heard the quality is horrendous though. I just got a standard car from a dealership and in NO WAY did it look like that whatsoever.

-End of Line

stevenhiggster3851d ago

A lot of them don't look as bad as the one they're showing but they do still look rubbish and it detracts from the rest of the otherwise awesome game. I doubt PD will ever be doing that again.

DigitalAnalog3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

These are PSP cars that are forcefully "upscaled"? These aren't the "official" standard cars, so why should they criticized for doing so? This is like saying "OH THE PS3 plays DVD's but it only upscales to 1080p and not native like Blu-Ray, PS3 is rubbish they should drop the DVD BC support".

Extras are extras, and bonus features are bonus. There are cars on PSP that doesn't exist on GT5 so at least you can experience them right there on your PS3 if you like to see it run on GT5!

-End of line

hesido3851d ago

@DigitalAnalog: even if I KNEW that they were transferred from PSP, I *certainly* wouldn't complain if cars mentioned here did not look like a pixelated mess.

Don't get me wrong, they'd still look real nice in a low resolution environment, I wouldn't call them a pixelated mess on a GT4 screenshot, they surely looked nice. But now, they look *out of place* on a 1080p / 720p backdrop.

Let's say you have a really nice technology that will take Humphrey Bogart from a scene in Casablanca, and put him into a scene in a today's movie and want him not to stand out, natural and in place. Would you keep him B/W?

BloodyNapkin3851d ago

No you see PSP graphics, it is a car transfer from the PSP.

WAWA3851d ago

Damn looks like the original GT on the PS1, but probably they're saving the pictures in MS paint and posting them on the net..Too much GT5 hate I see, really unfair, premium cars deserve the 60 bucks alone

LastDance3851d ago

This looks like a PSP screen shot..This website has been digging at GT since its release.

vhero3851d ago

Standard cars are pretty on the level of premium just without the extra details. Dunno where these pics came from but they are doctored in some way As I drive standard cars all the time and they look lovely in 1080p on my 42" Plasma. In fact I choose standard mostly over premium as I don't wanna damage premium cars.

avengers19783851d ago

could be being played on shitty television, I know this I played the game and it looks pretty damn amazing, and almost real at times. I am not into hardcore driving sims so I won't buy it but it looks far better than any other racing game.

popup3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Let's hope a patch comes out and takes them all out. Then you can look at 200 cars and drive 200 cars instead of look at 200 cars and drive 1000.


This 'comments section' is one epic fail of embarrassing children playing playground games.

BloodyNapkin3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

So we are going to nitpick on cars that transfer over from the PSP, umm ok.


Awesome keep posting those PSP screens....

thesummerofgeorge3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Woow, the venom and trolling towards GT5 is absolutely out of control. NO other game would get this much shit, and the irony is PD never hyped this game in the slightest and don't deserve this unfair smear campaign, they simply kept to themselves and made an incredible game. The gaming media, if you could even call it that, were the ones who hyped the shit out of it in order to gain hits, and now they bash them for not living up to an impossible standard. It's a fucking video game, and a bloody impressive one at that. You review the games, not the inherent flaws. Fuckin childish trolls. Get a life.

Edit: I can't help but notice the disagree/debubbling fairies are running rampant here. It seems as if they've been planning this day for some time. Idn'it sad?

The Lazy One3850d ago

"NO other game would get this much shit"

no other game on the PS3 maybe. Every game on the 360 gets this much.

ILiveUnderABridge3850d ago

I knew PD would drop the ball on this one, those 5 years were put to great use boys!