Assassin's Creed: The 5% Cross-Platform Difference

We all remember the controversy with UbiSoft Assassin's Creed's exclusivity. First it was shown off as an Xbox 360 title as Assassin at the X05 event and later confirmed only as a PlayStation 3 title. After, what was known as the worst kept secret in the biz, the Xbox 360 and PC versions were confirmed the question lingered; is there a difference between the console versions?

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DJ6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

DVD Storage Capacity. This dev accidentally slipped out "we ran out of space on the disc for additional content", and then had to hustle back and say "But don't worry! The hardest issue is squeezing out the performance from both of these complex machines to make the game awesome! Forget I said anything about that! Hah..hah. Want a cookie?"

Funky Town_TX6163d ago

like every dev. That would be like 12k dev right. Do you have 12K articles to post.

ArmrdChaos6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

"As far as adding extra content, it’s not really an issue: we have all the content we need for the game fitting on a DVD as it is, and the game wouldn’t necessarily be better by just by adding “stuff” on the disk: the biggest limitation for us isn’t disk space, it’s squeezing every last drop of performance out of the processors on both consoles to make the game as cool as possible on the screen!"

Sounds to me like they got it all in there and anything else extra could easily be added via marketplace. I guess Ubisoft didn't feel it was necessary to add a bunch of extra uncompressed/unneccessary space in order to justify Sony's choice to make their system an extra $200 dollars.

I hear more people complaining about the PS3's price than developers about DVD space.

Saint Sony6163d ago

PS3 Zombie's Creed will be amazing without any decent A.I.

mighty_douche6162d ago

what a tit you are, trying to turn everything into a console war, first it was games, then muliplat games, now its AI cos some noob compaired a finished product to one still in development..... if i had a time machine id go back and kick your mum in the..... guess!

Saint Sony6162d ago

Wife beaters like you, should not comment on anything, but I know, truth hurts. My A.I. comment is based on Ubisoft comment they made. Not to any stupid comparison. UBI showed Assassin's creed first time to public with 360 because PS3 could not handle the A.I. so good at least that is what they said, but PS3 owners got so mad that UBI had to apologize and take the words back, but we all know it is the fact. Truth hurts.

On the other hand, too good A.I. would make gaming a bit too hard for all the mighty_douches out there. So in the end, don't you worry.

snakeak6162d ago

"While the method for distributing AI load is different on each platform, the AI code itself is the same. Players will experience the exact same crowd results on PS3 and Xbox360"

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macalatus6163d ago

"...there will be (as there always is) small, hopefully inperceptible, differences between the two versions within a very small threshold."

Right. To fanboys like nasim, POG, theMart, Bloodmask, and others, nothing is inperceptible.

power of Green 6163d ago

What the fuc did you just say?. lol Anyways nothings said here other than the devs being more concerned about getting these games running on par with eachother this games uses a great deal of AI proccessing etc. Theres about 100 people missing on that list.

I'm sure they're dealing with some space issues as they are CEll issues. Have you seen the PS3 version whats the point of your post?. Please clear up what you said in your post.

macalatus6162d ago (Edited 6162d ago )

First, I must say that I'm quite impressed that you took the time to respond to my post considering for the longest time I thought that I was in your 'ignored list'. But I'm not surprised that your rather...infamous name showed up in this room, since you have the penchant for commenting on platform-comparison-themed news articles. What really got me (big time) is that you actually find my label of you as a "fanboy" as offensive. Now please don't throw "you're a Fony fanboy who couldn't handle the truth" bullcrap at me considering your past comments (yes, I researched your comments history just to prove what and everyone else thinks about you is true) range from plain idiocy to arguments with half-a$$ed logic to the once-in-a-blue-moon valid, mature comments. Now, were those comments made because you sincerely believe that it would at the very least shake off some of our "blind obedience" to Sony? Maybe. Or were those comments made to inflate your arrogant ego? Most definitely. And please, don't think that putting some mature comments doesn't make you a fanboy, when in fact it just doesn't make any difference. Saddest thing about it is that you have no shame going over to a PS3 news article which has nothing to do with the 360 (maybe except in your mind) and putting in your idiotic opinion. That alone places you in the same level as the worst Sony fanboys like Bill Gates, nasim, and chava (does anyone still remember him?).

If you don't like my post (and it will definitely remain unchanged) and this reply, then let me steal your usual line: "If you don't like my post, then just hit the ignore button." 'Nuff said.

THE_JUDGE6162d ago

this title was developed on the PS3 first so if there's going to be any differences of 5% it will be in the 360 version. They mentioned the PS3 in the article because that was the lead console the game was developed for. The game will prolly be the same all around as they said or the PS3 will be slightly head from what I garned from it.

The Wood6162d ago

we all know what he is (POG) and no amount of reasonable or intellectual comments can wash my brain of what this dude has said or his trolling abilities. you POG are one of the elite fanboys of n4g, embrace it.

power of Green 6162d ago

I didn't mean to hurt your feeling, what does all this have to do with not understanding what you post?. lol

The inteview was about getting these games running on par with eachother and turned into a Blu-ray issue. lol

Not going to tell people what they wan't to hear:)

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hyphymaniac6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

1. as much as i wanna believe that game developers are doing fine with the xbox 360's disk capacity im about 99.9 percent sure that developers want more space and that they are having to take shortcuts to fit their games on the disks

2. i agree that both consoles have have their strengths and weaknesses although developers are very vague when it comes to what they are but i believe that as the ps3 i out longer developers will become more familiar and the gap between consoles will disappear

3. Assassins creed is gonna be sick no matter what console you buy it for so just make sure you get it


Edit: im a little confused why you felt the need to call me a retard for my opinion its your choice but i don't see how it was necessary seeing as how you don't know me

But in my post i never said ALL developers and im sure you can name developers that haven't had problems but at the same time i can name many that have Ubisoft is one of them but it seems that they took back their statement after realizing what they said

WilliamRLBaker6163d ago

Correction as follows.....


99.9% sure retard devs are having to take shortcuts, Bungie, Bathesda, just 2 name two devs had no problems fitting their games on a dvd disc.

Funky Town_TX6163d ago

How do you know they have had no issues. This will always be the question when it comes to the 360. The only thing now is for the games to kick a$$. So far they have and I'm happy with it. I have played my 360 more than any console that I have ever had. I have had a few BTW.

Lord Anubis6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

I find it amusing people list Oblivion as a benchmark. Either they have short memory span or they ignore the fact that there are only around 5 voices for the characters, you hear them once and you already heard the entire game. You fight the same monsters over and over and over again. The terrain is large but it wont fill a disc. No terrain will and I'm guessing that's why people think of Oblivion as a benchmark for games that can fit on a DVD but if they only knew its a next gen game based on last gen tricks.

I found morrowind to be a better game.

UrbanJabroni6163d ago

"...as much as i wanna believe that game developers are doing fine with the xbox 360's disk capacity im about 99.9 percent sure that developers want more space and that they are having to take shortcuts to fit their games on the disks"

I don't. So factor that into your 99.9% equation. And no, no shortcuts whatsoever. Period. The end. But hey, who am I to argue with something so authoritative.

I've been here since day 1...and I hate this site.

sleekblackroadster6162d ago

for me its much more about the customers here.. the gamers. as a gamer i want bigger, longer experiences and could care less if devs have problems getting more stuff on the disks because i'm already at odds with the length and size of games that devs have decided to strive for. i don't want to buy games that i can beat in a day when i know that if they really wanted to they could make games that last longer and expose the gamer to more places and situations.

i always think back to ffvii and how it used up 3 cd roms in a time when cd roms were a fairly new medium for gaming and i always hoped games would keep getting longer and longer and larger and larger ever since i got myself immersed in that game so long ago. i want a new rpg that is so massive it uses up 3 blu rays and takes me forever and day to complete and keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting to unravel more and more and more the whole time.

i guess i'll never be pleased seeing how the industry works now.. with so many devs trying to make $$$.. and games costing so much to make because of all the detail involved and personel required.. but dammit it just feels like SOMEONE could do it. i won't be happy until i have a game that really blows me away and more and more it seems like they have no desire to go beyond.

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Shaka2K66163d ago

Just like

gears of war
and so on...

As a i said before the x360 lacks good games, it has no exclusive tittles mostly bad PC ports and the they want u to pay to play this inferior versions online ??? pls this is a mayor rip-off not to mention x360 is the biggest POS that has the most dead consoles in the history of gaming.
poor x360 owners and for shame all the xbois who defend this console they are to young to know any better.

tplarkin76163d ago

Stop the fear! Don't worry! The PC market won't collapse due to the bigger console market.

Console owners are not PC gamers. The markets are distinct.