Neocrisis: MGS4 Greatest Hits - No Trophies Still

Neocrisis: I have just bought MGS4 Greatest Hits, for $10 thanks to black-friday, and sadly it still does not have any trophies. However, if one looks at the box, it clearly shows that it has trophies.

I am hopeful that trophies do get added but it seems that Konami has no real interest in doing so. It has been nearly 3 weeks since Konami stated it would work with Sony to fix this "printing error."

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sam22363861d ago

A printing error, then. Shame, I'd kill to play through the game again for some trophies.

jazzking20013861d ago

the thing is
i dont think it is so hard to correct a "printing error.
Konami commented on it 3 WEEKS AGO!!!

waltyftm3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

did you
reply like this
or do you work for Konami
and are you having a TYPING ERROR!!!

Sorry, lol would love to shoot the fooker who made the error, Kojima should make him patch the Trophies.

DORMIN3861d ago



Kojima needs to hurry up and make an MGS4: directors cut like all the other MGS's then it will HAVE to have trophies.

Noble Spartan3861d ago

why doesnt he add trophies to this game?! I would play it again!!! this has been demanded by fans so much!! still not!!!!!

redbull883859d ago

The only reason why Im not replaying MGS4 is because I dont want to replay it and beat it to see that they come out with trophy support right after im done. If would just put the trophy patch out, i would play it again for sure

NegativeCreepWA3861d ago

I would re-buy it so quick if they added trophies. I remember before its release them saying it was going to be one of the first games with trophies and it never happened.

willie323861d ago

I have given up on trophy support for this game.

jazzking20013861d ago

agreed but i am hopeful that it does get trophies

willie323861d ago

Here is a question, why doesn't Sony step up and create the trophies for us fans? If Konami doesn't want to do it, Sony should surprise us Christmas morning!

jazzking20013861d ago

Does Sony really give a Sh*t?
they should, MGS4 is one of the reasons you get a PS3
if it had trophies, more ppl will buy it

Zydake3861d ago

if people buy MGS4 for trophies thats terrible. Buy it because its a good game don't buy it as proof that you kick ass for the following trophies. I still play MGS4 now and I dont really care for trophies

jazzking20013861d ago

MGS4 is a great game regardless of trophies
it is just that it would be cool to get trophies

Ducky3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Trophies are a cancer plaguing this generation.

I can only hope that this all results in a benign tumor.

Fun Fact: The image of snake you see next to the news article is him while reading the GT5 threads. :D

NecrumSlavery3861d ago

Trophies are a huge reason people don't play older games. It's amazing how much more Uncharted sold when it got trophies. It's a great game, but some people need that E-Penis. I personally love getting trophies so I am all for it.

But I have to say that if you call yourself a hardcore gamer, and you haven't played this series, youre behind the many who have play it. It is a great series, and very unique. MGS4 is still one of the best games on PS3, even to this day.

GraySnake3861d ago

you can blame that on a thing called a gamerscore.

garypaytonglove3861d ago

Since MGS4 was released before Sony made it mandatory to include trophies there is nothing they can do to get Konami to patch in the trophies. Unless of course they offer to foot the bill.

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Shazz3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

does anyone know if kojima is a fan of trophies/achievments , just thinking he mite feel like it will ruin mgs4 in a small way . i would like to do the game over and over again though so patch them in please

jazzking20013861d ago

lets just say that RISING better have trophies or else
i leave the "or else" for you to decide what that means lol

PeeWizzle3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Or else it won't be allowed on either console. According to policy anyways.

Yawnier3861d ago

They have to add trophies for the upcoming game MGS:Rising. Any video game that has development for the PS3 in the year of 2009 or any year later MUST have trophies.

It is part of the policy and Sony wouldn't let Konami release it on their system. Same with the Xbox 360.

MonopolyRSV3861d ago

Punish them for false advertising. Then they will have to add trophies.

3861d ago
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