Medal of Honor: Airborne Reviewed by Gamespot

Score: 7/10

The single-player campaign doesn't get cooking until the last two levels, but those two levels combined with solid multiplayer make it worth enlisting in Airborne.

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NoUseMerc4062d ago

"Solid multiplayer"....sounds like a title I might look at picking up

akaFullMetal4062d ago

dont know since of mixed reviews, and also sick of ww2 shooters unless like resistance or the other parrell universe ww2 shooter ( cant remember name)......................... fall point or something??

ALMIGHTYPS34062d ago

Hopefully the ps3 version is just as good if not better.

Taker_1294062d ago

going to pick this up but the single player doesn't sound to good, but i'm not trusting reviews anymore after the LAIR review so i still might pick this up

jaja14344062d ago

Played the 360 demo, meh another WWII shooter

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