PS3 Black Ops Owners Want Their Money Back

PS3 owner? Call of Duty: Black Ops owner? Apparently, going off the internet hivemind this morning, you’re meant to be disappointed with it.

The Register has picked up on an internet petition (we love those things) that suggests that PlayStation 3 owners feel their version of the game is sub-par, and with over 2,000 signatures in less than 24 hours it’s obvious this is gathering some momentum.

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3854d ago
AKissFromDaddy3854d ago

My Collector's Edition is on ebay, up for auction, currently at $69 with 2 days left and 5 people watching it. I am happy that I'll be making a return on my money plus extra. Good luck to everyone else though, however sell it a GameStop if you want at least $30 back b/c it's better than nothing.

DecoyOctopus3854d ago

its good to let developers know that were not going to pay 60 bucks for a shitty port but cmon this is activison youre not going to get your money back, i say trade in black ops and go back to playing mw2 its basically the same game anyway, or wait for Homefront which is being developed on ps3 as lead platform

HungPHATx3854d ago

No boubt ! Homefront is awesome ! I played it at E3 and it's the lead platform like Dead Space 2 , Ghost Recon and many more In 2011 , glad I passed on this shit port , Screw MS/Activision/Treyach

P1NKY3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

After reading that article the other day about an ex-Activision employee. I have lost all respect for Activision and Trey Arch, well the little respect I had for them anyway.

When they moan about not being able to copy and paste code from Xbox to PS3 without having major performance issues, and then complain about poor performance in the Memory tests when they aren't even using all the available resources including up-to-date dev kits from Sony.

That to me sounds like a bunch of lazy ass devs. From now on I will not be buying an Activision game again.

R2D23854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I come to you as an Activison ambassador and we sincerely apologize for giving you gimped game. As a token of our appreciation for supporting Call of Duty, we will give every PS3 owner who bought our gimped game a free Bobby Kotic loves you T-shirt.

Thank you for supporting Actvision and remember DLC will come later.

The Ambassador

ikkokucrisis3854d ago

So...if we haven't seen a comparison and play through the ps3 version are we supposed to hate playing this game?

Game-ur3854d ago

MW2 sold a lot because of long legs, trading in this game will cut those legs off.

This is the best payback to get back at Activision

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r1sh123854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Ive been playing B ops on my xbox, but tried the ps3 version out.
I truely do feel sorry for you, I was considering getting it for my ps3 also, but this is unacceptable.
Even after reading comments and seeing the difference, activision are done, black ops is the last call of duty I buy, I dont see the franchise going anywhere. What makes it worse activision has been calling the shots not the actual developers.
Im with all you ps3 people that sign the petition and hope you get your money back.
I would like to say that HHG didnt really have any concrete evidence apart from an email and making his own accusations, because black ops is not the only game that has preferred the xbox.
Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV are just a few I can name.
But seriously make sure activision hear you anger.

jammy_703854d ago

Iv just played 3 hours of the campaign, and I'm surprisingly enjoying it...

P1NKY3854d ago

I won't be buying an Activision games again, that's for sure. Once I've completed the Single Player on Veteran and get Platinum I will be trading it in for GT5. (Should still get about £25 for CoD:BO)

ravinash3854d ago

I stopped just before MW2.
Can't say I've been missing it.

AKissFromDaddy3853d ago

With 3 hours left before my collector's edition is sold on ebay during its auction, it's at $125. I win.

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NavySeal743854d ago

I Knew this would happen where i bought b ops and now im fed up of it but i still bought it.

Pity they wont patch it properly so every enjoys a fair online game no spawn camping and the hit detection to be sorted out.

Im having more fun on medal of honor online than i did with b ops.

NobleRed3854d ago

Also do a petition for the ps3 version of Red Dead Redemption it was a shitty port too.

TurismoGTR3854d ago

I want my money back so I can purchase $60 worth of GT5 DLC or wait for Killzone 3 or Twisted Metal.

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