Asphalt 3D to Set 3DS Hearts Racing in Spring 2011

The Asphalt racing series has had some decent outings on Nintendo handhelds, not least Asphalt 4: Elite Racing on DSiWare, and now Konami is taking over the publishing reins to bring the game to 3DS in Spring 2011.

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firefoxprime3851d ago

Now "this" is where i'll get my racing fix on the 3DS.
Toss is Driver for GTA style racing, and i'm set.

RidgeRacer? Whats that? HAHAHA...

axelstriker3845d ago

Oh yeah. Your absolutely right man. Asphalt and Driver are gonna be Awesome!

matey3847d ago

Ridge Racer on the more recent video looked better than them 1st pics easy maybe better than this so i wouldnt hate on Ridge Racer just yet because the more recent build looked twice that of psp where as the 1st screens looked worse this isnt the case now and with 3DS being only handheld with proper powerful shaders its stupid to think it wont smash the psp build to pieces.