The 10 best PC games of 2010 rounds up the best of the best in PC gaming in 2010.

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CombineElite3860d ago

STALKER Call of Pripyat
Bad Company 2
Starcraft 2
Civilization V
Mass Effect 2
Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

sarlucic3859d ago

2 swedish games :p good list

granthinds3860d ago

Lol, sounds terrible, but I'm surprised there even were 10 PC games this year! jj ;) No, nice list, SC2 is my baby and i'll own all the n00bs! :D

imvix3860d ago

Arma 2 Operation Arrow head (Most realistic militarty shooter out there)
Bad company 2 (one of the best arcade shooters out this gen)
Bioshock 2
Civilization 5
Dragon age awakening (not as good as the original but pretty dam good specially the PC verison)
Mass effect 2 (game of the year contender)
Metro 2033 (best looking shooter out this year)
Stalker call of the pripyat
Starcraft 2 (game of the year contender)

Count in the other games id think PC had a great year.

Thecraft19893860d ago

I agree with your whole list accept from

Bio shock 2 worst PC port ever No proper wide screen support

Metro 2033 looked amazing on my PC but it was all graphics everything else about the game was terrible.

imvix3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Well i just loved the story from metro 2033. Takes a bit of time to get into the game, gets really interesting later on. Infact i will probably give it a 2nd play through once i am out of games. Just loaded at the moment form the last steam deals lol.

They patched the wide screen support later in on bioshock 2.

Nihilism3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )


Here is how to get widescreen in bioshock and bioshock 2
I'll just copy my little 'note to self' I made so in 3 years time I still know how to fix it. Obviously the usename will be different. If the appdata dolfer is not visible, enable hidden folders and it will appear there.

"Go to C:\Users\Dale\AppData\Roaming\ Bioshock2 and open the user.ini file, scroll down to the subheading 'default', map a key as SetFOV 100 ( or any fov
you want ) for example NumPad8=SetFOV 100, NumPad7=ResetFOV, this will change the fov in game as well as letting you change it back with the press
of a key, the FOV can sometimes default to 75 after cut scenes or possible at the start of the level, in order to fix this, map the SetFOV 100 to a movement key, in addition to that keys normal
mapping eg:

W=MoveForward | SetFOV 100

This will mean that every time you walk forward it will set the FOV to 100 so you never have to worry about re-pressing a specific key constantly in order to maintain the FOV"

For Bioshock one just change the one in Go to C:\Users\Dale\AppData\Roaming\ Bioshock

This is the end result


That's a really good list and I agree with Bioshock 2, I think overall it was a much better game than Bioshock 1 although it didn't have the punch in the face of originality the first had, but that is true of all games. The story and 'atmosphere' of ME1 was far better than ME2 but the gameplay was better in ME2, I think that same formula applies to Bioshock 2.

As IMVX said they also patched widescreen so it supports widescreen helmet view etc and fixed soem hud elements, but the FOV is still 75 which is why that fix is also needed.

AKS3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Terrible? That's going a bit overboard. It wasn't a bad game. I'd say maybe 8/10, but it is demanding as hell. I'm going to have to upgrade more for the DX11 graphics. It chews most PCs up. It's OK part of the time for me but lighting effects plus a swarm of enemies makes it chug.

Letros3860d ago

technically, it's not released yet

mistajeff3860d ago

good year for pc games. it's nice to see more developers starting to work their way toward dx11, i'm getting windows 7 in the mail soon so i'm pretty excited to see the difference in games like metro and bad company 2.