Disney joins the battle versus used sales with Tron

Disney Interactive are the latest publisher to attempt to combat used sales by including a one time use code in their just released Tron Evolution

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theonlylolking3856d ago

Who would buy a crap disney game?

Lord Kesselroy3855d ago

To answer your question, parents would.

The same parents that keep buying the endless versions of the Lion King or the Little Mermaid. "With never before seen footage!" is the mantra each year. I know families that have dozens of versions of the same Disney movie. It seems you MUST buy the latest and greatest version of any Disney classic. Otherwise your kids will be at a disadvantage at school, end up becoming a social outcast and eventually only being able to work at a gaming blog site.

Scary, eh?

archemides5183855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

i'm gonna get it it looks pretty good

and it's in 3D! :P

Lord Kesselroy3855d ago

I bought a used car today, but as soon as I left the car lot and hit the highway it stopped. I then had to enter a Ford Roadway Pass code in order to continue driving. Weird, eh?

Quagmire3855d ago

LMFAO. I once bought a Honda brand new, but found out I had to enter a one-time code to be able to take passengers.

mobijoker3855d ago

Wasn't the game side of disney very unprofitable?I can see it remaining that way for some time to come.

archemides5183855d ago

actually toy story 3 games made a lot, so expect to see more of tie-in games like that (and tron) instead of split second and pure