Get Ilomilo Early

TSA Writes:
Ilomilo is the XBLA's much-admired upcoming puzzler. It's got a really striking, pretty visual style and it's already out for Windows Phone 7 devices.

But what if you don't have a WP7 and you want to play the Xbox 360 version as soon as possible?

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SeNiLe9113851d ago

Sweet!!! I have this for my Windows Phone 7 and now have it for the Xbox 360. Thanks for the info.

Yi-Long3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

...this was already one of my most anticipated XBLA releases for this year, ever since it was announced, so I'm very happy it's finally out :)

Just downloaded the trial and it's just as cute as expected. Played the first 3 levels and it all just looks really slick.

edit: the only thing I worry about is the replay-value.

edit 2: Aw, it's fucking awesome. Also has MP, unlockable stuff formy avatar, and it's just the cutest game ever.

I'll definitely buy it once I've bought some more point (I just come short considering the current Black Friday Deals I will have to purchase (Trials HD DLC, Mega Man 10 and Monkey Island 2).