PS3 Fanboy review: Warhawk

Warhawk has gone through a rather bumpy development cycle. Originally slated to be an epic single player game with a strong multiplayer component, rumors started circulating earlier this year that Incognito was experiencing development problems and were unhappy with the single player portion of the game. The murmurings turned out to be true, with Sony confirming just a couple of weeks later that Warhawk had officially become a multiplayer-only PlayStation Store title and that the single player portion of the game had been dropped.

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Gondee4062d ago

this is a decent review, i woundnt call it fanboy

icechai4062d ago

decent review? a couple of spelling/grammatical errors and also this glaring point in one big paragraph:

"In order to level up your character, you have to play on an official Sony server and unfortunately it can be incredibly difficult to find a spot open on ANY of their servers."

Umm, guess he didn't notice that players also set up ranked servers? They are easier to get into than Sony's, but still, it does suck that Sony's servers are maxed out all the time even if they show there are free slots.

Bnet3434062d ago

Who's the idiot that takes reviews from fanboys seriously? That person should get kicked in the balls really hard.

SacT0wnF1n3st4062d ago

A 9 for this game is a perfect score IN MY OPINION. Gamespot gave this game a 8.5 and the ONLY negavive feature about this game according to them is the in-game help is not effective which is not a big deal. The game has the manual comes with it so we all can read it and find out more about the game so ya 9 is a perfect score for this game.

LeonSKennedy4Life4062d ago

It's actually no problem getting into servers if you're in G.A.P.

*sticks out tongue*

sicknnyc4062d ago

I agree with the review.

What's up new member. >)

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The story is too old to be commented.