190° – Official Response to "Faked" Interview Claim.

Contrary to recent claims - we did not fake a recent interview with Valve. This is a wildly preposterous and libellous accusation that is completely unfounded and we treat it extremely seriously.

We have no reason to "fake" an interview and we would urge any proponent of this claim to take a serious, revised and considered look at our list of recent interviews we have conducted with many of the leading games development companies, publishers and industry experts in future before making such a baseless claim.

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toughNAME4063d ago

I hope there telling the truth

Sony's had a rough enough day

BIadestarX4063d ago

Easy... bring the developer again.. or have the developer clean their name on the developer's official website.. until then "FAKE!" hehe.

GodofPeace4063d ago

can't accept the fact the 360 is using a lot of its horsepower for this great package of games. Just get over it and get Warhawk

Bnet3434063d ago

"You can't accept the fact the 360 is using a lot of its horsepower for this great package"

Can you explain to me why this is a bad thing? Just get over it and get Warhawk ... lol ... well I wish I could but how about you give me the money to do that. $600 isn't easy to dish out. Yes, now commence your "you are poor/too cheap/get a job/tell mommy to buy it/ save your money"

NoUseMerc4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

We took the interview down by request of Gabe, CEO of Valve. Part of the agreement to publish the interview was that our staff would not publish it on

Well soon after the interview went live on PSU, the interview showed up on Then Valve was upset with us cause we broke our agreement and they asked that we pull the whole thing down. Even on

We will do another interview soon with Valve cause they want to apologize for what happened. We have not reposted the interview because it was deleted when we took it down.

Update: There was no reason for us to fake an interview with Valve. Look at our long list of interviews and you can see we have no problem conducting them with studios:

LeonSKennedy4Life4063d ago

I hadn't realized N4G was gaining so much ground.

Way to go N4G!

Let's all celebrate! Round of Warhawk anyone??? Well...those of us that HAVE Warhawk...haha.

_insane_cobra4062d ago

PSU has lost all credibility for me when I caught them spinning old pro-PS3 rumors (in one case several months old) as news. I stumbled upon that twice (unfortunately, those articles are unreachable after the redesign, but I remember one of them being about Lost Planet coming to the PS3) and then I stopped taking PSU seriously.

The whole Tengu restaurant shtick has become a running joke at NeoGAF.

TriggerHappy4063d ago

"staff would not publish it on n4g" erm you posted it yourself no use. Why would you do that if your agreement with Valve was to not bring it here?

NoUseMerc4063d ago

I wasnt aware of the agreement until after I had done it. The agreement was made with Usman, our journalist, and Gabe from Valve. I was not informed and thats one of the reasons this all got our of hand.

We are conducting a new interview with Gabe himself so if you guys are interested in posting questions head over to the

xhi44063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

would want to take down the interview. The news would tick MS off with how blunt Valve spoke and once they realised what their statements were flat-out saying, they sort of went "Uh oh". If you were creating a huge cross-platform title, the last thing you'd want is to state that one console is maxed out while the other may still be tapped into. Thatd be really bad for their relationship with Microsoft. And tthe founders of Valve used to work for Microsoft and Microsoft still provides a lot of help and assistance to Valve.

Douche4063d ago

Seeing as those are my words. You completely copied and pasted the report I made towards Merc3nary. How many times have you been flunked in school for plagiarism?

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