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"Brotherhood is essentially Assassins Creed 2.5, not Assassins Creed 3 which is weird. They seemed to have got this out in time for Christmas to make that extra sale or 2 cause Assassins Creed 3 is not ready yet or something.

To be honest, it’s not an after thought. It’s a well-crafted story using the same engine as Assassins Creed 2, with some pretty sweet additions like cannons, horse riding in the city and a gun mounted to your arm." - GameState

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WobblyOnion4388d ago

Glorified expansion pack, but a good one. should be lower priced though.

granthinds4388d ago

I think I should've mentioned that. Very well said, bubble up from me!

vhero4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

I agree its like ODST again.. Thing is you can pick up the original game at half the price and it has twice the content..

djhsecondnature4388d ago

Except there's twice the content in Brotherhood as there was in AC2...

JonnyBadfinger4388d ago

I don't give a fucken rats arse what people say this is 1 of if not the best game of the year. Story had me from begining to end... fucking love it. Definitely worth the $79AUD i paid for it.

Yes it is a Assassins Creed 2.5 but better everything. Best and only game that hasnt let me down all year... actually to think of it in the last 3 years i have only enjoyed 4 games. Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands, Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood... funny how all the GOOD games are multiplats

i give it a 9.5 out of 10... it blew me away. and only looses .5 because of minor control disagreements... you know how you wanna jump 1 way but the game wants to go another? yeah that got me frustrated at times.

BradyRuiters4388d ago

Really wanna get this game. Expansion pack or not. It still looks good

RememberThe3574388d ago

I have the same feeling. I love Assassin's Creed, and I can't wait to play this game.

Bobbykotickrulesz4388d ago

It's not an expansion pack. The reviewer is a douchebag.

PS3Blog4388d ago

Still got to give this ago. But looks interesting

Chuk54388d ago

Just beat it. Fantastic game. Better than AC2 in every single way and a great multiplayer. Way more than an expansion pack.

granthinds4388d ago

It's fun and it is better BUT, just because you release a game that's a little better than the last in one in a few areas and in many ways relies on you having played the first one, makes it a money making scheme. It's the same reason the Half-Life episodes were a real spit in the face for me but luckily they weren't full price. Here's a full-price retail game/expansion released shortly after the game (in time for Christmas mind you), with a couple of add-ons that could've been DLC. Just doesn't justify it really. That said, it is still an entertaining game, just wait for the price to drop to really make it worth your money.

djhsecondnature4388d ago

Can't agree with you here. A sequel should be just that, an improvement on the game that came before it, fixing the flaws and adding extras. Brotherhood did this in every respect. It is far from a money making scheme.

jimmins4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )


As a professional reviewer, you need to enter into this thing with an open mind. All that comes across here is that you were determined to judge it before you played it. I reviewed this game myself for a national magazine here in the UK. I spent 45 hours playing it for the review and to be totally honest with you, it wasn't until around 25 hours of side-questing the hell out of it that I had the epiphany of this being a 10/10 game.

It irritates me, because I knew at that point that unless other reviewers really play it like someone who's actually bought it would, they wouldn't see most of the cool stuff the game has to offer, most of which is off-piste from the main story.

You needed to spend a lot longer with this game. It has more content than AC2 and is better in every conceivable way. Your review is incredibly unfair on the developer who defied expectation to bring us something that is far more than a yearly outing. As many have commented here, ACB is one of if not the finest game this year. Your review is remiss, my friend.

vrylstminute4388d ago

I think the addition of multiplayer makes it enough of a new game to warrant a big price-tag. Multiplayer changes everything.

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