1up - Disney Epic Mickey Review

1up: "But Epic Mickey despite its mechanical flaws and sometimes over-reliance on gaming tropes, makes me want to play through it again and see how the world would be different if I wasn't so nice."

NecrumSlavery4984d ago

Hmm, out side of some gameplay hiccups this looks to be stellar. I really hope people can appreciate the amount of soul that is Disney, that Warren poured into this game. Every trashcan, every street light, every blade of grass comes from somewhere in the disney archive, whether it be a movie, book, tv show, theme park, or lost artwork. Thats straight from the Spectorman himself. That is passion, that is missing in games today.

benamik4984d ago

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A Cupcake for Gabe4984d ago

82 average.

So the concensus is the gameplay isn't perfect. But the story is and world is amazing? I think it'll be worth a go through, and I hope that it comes to PS3 still.

Mini Mario4983d ago

^ You could say the reviews were "mixed" lol

Man what a range


Epic Mickey PS5, PS4 Remaster Gets a 24th September Release Date

Priced at £50/$60

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Knightofelemia23d ago

I never played the first game but I enjoyed Epic Mickey 2 wish they were also porting the second game.

shinoff218323d ago

I imagine they will if this sells well. It's easy money

Knightofelemia23d ago

That's the problem right there. If it's a good game but it doesn't push the numbers they want they scrap the sequel if there is one. Just look at Dead Space 2 getting scrapped because Dead Space 1 being a great game did not meet the numbers.

gold_drake23d ago

i liked the second one quite abit, but im glad they are remastering the first one


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gold_drake486d ago

listen .. Donald Duck in Maui Mallard
and World of illusion are the best disney games.


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-Foxtrot1787d ago

They just need a huge Disney collection to be honest

PhoenixUp1787d ago

Why are you making an article that amounts to the Disney Afternoon Collection? More classic Disney games should be handled like Mickey Castle of Illusion or Ducktales

Inzo1786d ago

Darkwing Duck & Chip and Dale absolutely.

Relientk771786d ago

Quackshot and Gargoyles

They need to bring back the Gargoyles cartoon or do something with that amazing IP

AnubisG1786d ago

The Lion King and Aladdin treatment? No, that id not a trestment. That is a lazy cashgrab. They should have remade those two like DuckTales was remade.