Eurogamer Germany: Gran Turismo 5 Review

EG writes: "Gran Turismo 5 is the biggest triumph of an exceptional series. At least if you look at what the series aims to achieve. Perhaps it is not the best racing game in the classic sense, but by far the best car game."

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stonecold32882d ago

great review one of the best games this gen thanks pd i would give gt5 the same if not higher score peace out guys

nix2882d ago

i'm surprised by Eurogamer and Destroids rating it higher.. i was thinking they were going to eat it like piranhas.

SpitFireAce852882d ago

Thats what IGN is there for...LOL

Great score for a great game GT5 FTW...

nix2881d ago

i just got my Collector's Edition! q: installing BECAUSE i have space.. q:

wow.. the 200 page book is freaking awesome!

hay2881d ago

@nix: They are picky, but it appears they didn't lost their minds. Like others.

anh_duong2881d ago

actually eurogamer is much more balanced in its reporting... ign reporting is less likely these days

2881d ago
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Death24942882d ago

Seems like EU is loving it, while the states pick this game apart. For all it's accomplishments they find the smallest flaws to criticize this game. I don't see how you can honestly review a game with this much content in only a week? Have anyone on here actually beat this game?

AJ Hartley2881d ago

i dont beleive they have and that maybe why they dont like it cause it is quite a tough game , bear in mind that i use manual and no setting what so ever and am now starting to get fustrated with the lotus on the top gear track as its spins out so easily .

IRetrouk2881d ago

Yeah i hear ya, i gave up in frustration yesterday with it, havnt went back to it yet, lol.

JonnyBigBoss2882d ago

Good score. I bet we won't get a lot of comments here since the immature haters only like to post on the average score reviews.

N4WAH2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

jleack who gives a toss about the haters?
GT5 is amazing. Let the haters hate and we will kick back and enjoy the best racers this generation has seen thus far.

ExPresident2881d ago

Good score. Hard to believe some of the low scores considering the amount of content and features the game has. I'm enjoying my copy which is all that really matters.

joeorc2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

even with this review which shows he put some time and thought into the review , did he get as far to unlock the Advanced damage model @ level 30+
or the increased AI that is also increased.

that's what im the answer to that is


there just seems to many reviewers good or bad that are in such a hurry to get their review out. before they really unlock part's of the game like an advanced AI and an Advanced Damage Model.

that I think is what's being overlooked by many reviewers, because they have not gotten upto that far, and i frankly see them not that excited anyway..because the people that are reviewing GT5 really are more into Arcade racer's than Simulators

that is just my observation.

Masterchef20072881d ago

yeah this is a game where you have to take some time reviewing it. It is not like Forza 3 where you had almost everything unlocked from the start. In this game you have to spend some time to unlock features such as advanced AI, advanced damage models and you have to unlock cars from a list of 1031

insomnium22881d ago

I think Yamauchi made this game so deep and long untill everything unlocks so that he could laugh his ass off at these joke reviews where the reviewer didn't unlock anything and based his review on 2 hours of playing the game.

GT5 is bound to sell like hot cakes regardless of the reviews so he can do this. Even if this wasn't his intention the result is the same. Not so good reviews (points) and the reviewer makes a total ass of himself by not playing it more than a few hours and the n bashing it.

United4Life2881d ago

Atleast the guys at Gamesradar are taking there sweet time while Reviewing the game.

It"s like Reviewing an MMORPG the very first day and then complaining there are no players , there is no content etc etc.

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