Dengeki Games review scores - First The 3rd Birthday and Ni no Kuni reviews

Popular Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki has the first ever reviews of the highly anticipated titles The 3rd Birthday and Ni no Kuni, as well as other scores.

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RedDead3853d ago

I like the look of the 3rd birhtday, anyone ever play Parasite eve 1 or 2? Are they good?

Handhelds_FTW3853d ago

I love both PE1+2 think of them as Science Fiction/Resident Evil hybrid.

You should definitely look more into them so see if you will like them and pick them up early next year when they hit the PSN.

3853d ago
NecrumSlavery3852d ago

I love the action/freeze-RPG style of gameplay that was in PE. The PSP is getting lots of love. I am glad I finally got one.

fossilfern3852d ago

Good scores i was worried that this might just be a westernised sequel but i cant wait now :D time to buy a PSP me thinks :)

knifefight3853d ago

What did they say about the games?

Skullomania3853d ago

The 3rd Birthday (PSP) – 90/90/85/85
Tales of Graces F (PS3) – 95/90/95/90
Gundam Musou 3 (PS3/360) – 85/80/75/90
Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi (DS) – 85/90/80/100
Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Majo to Suiri no Rinbukyoku (PS3) – 70/75/70/70

TANUKI3852d ago

Also, I'm surprised Gundam Musou 3 is doing well. Now I'm definitely going to buy it.

tubers3853d ago

Written reviews > review scores.

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