PSP Sales Rocket A Mindboggling 62,200% Before Black Friday Begins

Who says the PSP is dead? Demand for the handheld has grown exponentially since a temporary price cut on the system, with sales reaching an unprecedented high. As the Black Friday madness starts to kick in, Sony’s handheld has toppled the Wii, PS3 and 360 for the sales crown.

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Skip_Bayless3859d ago

I don't really care because the faster the PSP dies the faster we get dual sticks.

longcat3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )


PSP2 birth does not require PSP death
This is sony, remember? Right now there is a good chance that the ps2 might oulast some consoles in this gen.

Please do not confuse with other hardware makers.

ExPresident3859d ago

@ John Madden.

I'm gonna agree with PedroBear on this one. Sony is running two models right now with the 3000 and the GO, and while the GO was clearly a design/feature test they could have dropped the 3000 if they wanted. The new model will again support a disc feature + digital so they can release it whenever.

I had a PSP 3000 and sold it and am highly tempted to get one again thats for sure. The only thing stopping me is the 'assumption' that a new one may be out early next here but since there's been no announcement I don't know.

moparful993859d ago

I bought the god of war: ghost of sparta psp bundle a few weeks ago and I adore it.. I can't wait to pick up more games for it like peace walker, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, FF tactics and so on... I can't believe it took me this long to get a psp but now that I have it I'm happy...

Skip_Bayless3859d ago

You know that I meant death as in pretty much realeasing only madden and other multiplatform games. You know it's N4G I have exaggerate a little bit to get the point across. I didn't mean death as in the Dreamcast death.

Heartnet3859d ago

@ex president.. i doubt it will have UMD's it will either be only digital or some wierd disc sony is inventing lol.

since by the sound of it these games are gonna be huge in terms of disc size

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bananlol3859d ago

Whats up with the 9000 thing?

skip2mylou3859d ago

its a great reference to a great cartoon before it was killed in a horrible sequel dragon ball z

NarooN3859d ago

What do you mean "horrible sequel dragon ball z"? The quote is FROM DBZ. The horrible sequel was Dragon Ball GT.

Shang-Long3859d ago

Ocean dub nine
Thousand was way better then funanimtion.
If you like ocean dub agree if you like funanimation disagree

skip2mylou3858d ago

im saying the sequel its self is horrible, but DBZ is fine in its self

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TheLastGuardian3859d ago

Way to go little handheld that could :)

randomwiz3859d ago

it would be more impressive if the bundle actually existed before this boost.

Going from 0-something is always going to yield a high movers and shakers number from amazon.

showtimefolks3859d ago

psp is looked as bad sales wise but it has sold over 50million system and that number is old i don't know where it is now.

but how is selling 50million a bad thing?

yeh DS sells more but that's a different market PSP is more for gamers while DS is more family console.

gaden_malak3859d ago

Yeah it's interesting that it is overlooked.

dredgewalker3859d ago

Some people just blindly hate even with facts shoved on their faces. The PSP is one of the most successful handhelds this generation.

ZombieAssassin3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

It's software sales aren't usually that high though due to piracy being so bad and easy to do on the platform. The major hitters usually do decent especially in Japan but most other games don't seem to do as well. I'd say it's a success though for Sony since they have been the only ones to stay in the game against Nintendo and I believe they make money on every PSP sold.

moparful993859d ago

In fact the psp is the only handheld to ever survive against nintendo.. People for someone reason have completely written off sony this generation.. They are a victim of their own success....

NarooN3859d ago

I've had my PSP since late 2005. Still use it today, even though I rarely play games on it, it's still a great portable multi-media device. Gotta love the memory stick format.

Lykon3858d ago

it's a great bit of kit, has some wonderful over looked features, good little media device as well.

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Sev3859d ago

Holy crap. That's a lot of PSP sales. It is a really good deal.

I'm expecting the PS3 to sell the same once that Amazon Black Friday bundle goes live.

Teddybee3859d ago

Especially with GT5 just having released

Taggart4513859d ago

What the hell happened???

doctorstrange3859d ago

How many people out there wanted a PSP but were put off by the price

longcat3859d ago

If it were not for the fact that the hardware is the only real area of profit for the handheld, then i think it would have dropped a lot sooner.

Piracy really screws the honest gamer at times.

longcat3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

PSP 3000 - $130 AT AMAZON WITH A $15 Gift card - Sold out now i think

PSP go - $150

doctorstrange3859d ago

Currently sold out on Amazon, but best buy have it (sans gift card)

ftwrthtx3859d ago

The PSP is a great platform. MGS Peace Walker and the God of War PSP series are both great. They are enough to sell consoles by themselves, but psp games are everywhere for low prices and much better than anything the DS has to offer.

Sigh3859d ago

yeah, I even use the psp to purchase PS1 classics. Retro Crash Bandicoot ftw. And playing through FFVII also when I'm on break at work.

firefoxprime3859d ago

Whenever someone says the psp is an awesome handheld(which it rightfully is), they always rely on the same games that were released this year. C'mon man. I know the psp had a slow start(if you try to shovel through the yearly sports games and ports) but there were some great games that were release "before" 2010.

Skullomania3859d ago

Yep, i agree, games such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Jeane D' Arc, Gran Turismo Portable, Phantasy Star Portable, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Patapon 2, Daxter, Megaman: Powered Up, Twisted Metal: Head On, Metal Gear: Portable Ops, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Resistance: Retribution, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Tekken: Dark Resurrection etc.

shikamaroooo3859d ago

makes you wonder how ownage ps3 will be if the price drops

doctorstrange3859d ago

There are a ton of gamers out there just waiting for a lower price