Xbox 360 Chatpad and headset hands-on, impressions

So we snagged ourselves an Xbox 360 Messenger Kit (aka Chatpad + Chatpad headset), unboxed the hell out of it, and here's what we think:

Blister packs suck. Microsoft, we are sick of them.
The Chatpad is a little difficult to get on and off, but once engaged it fits perfectly on the controller (duh), and feels like...

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Crazyglues4066d ago

I think I'm gonna get it anyway, since I'll get free shipping from Amazon by adding it to my other stuff - (halo 3 and Assassins Creed, PGR4, and some other stuff)-also gonna get the wireless headset, so it's cool.

Zhuk4066d ago

gonna pick this up, it'll be useful to have as using live messenger will be loads easier

Nascasho4066d ago

I wonder if the wireless headset will work with the ChatPad because the Wireless headset gets replaced by whatever is inserted into the headset jack on the controller.

heavyarms4066d ago

LOL loook this thing will allow me to type faster messages to my friends. Wow its alittle heavy plz. I'm gonna buy this.

reaperxciv4066d ago

get this, i like.. i like!

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The story is too old to be commented.