IGN reviews Medal of Honor: Airborne: 7.9/10 for both PC & 360

Medal of Honor: Airborne, while not perfect, is definitely the best game in the franchise to come along in quite a while. It may be fairly short, but those hours are pretty much one non-stop battle with Nazi Germany throughout the various paratrooper campaigns from World War II. The levels are designed well and provide a few different environmental challenges that shooter fans should appreciate. The weapons feel and sound good as well and dropping into each level from the sky adds some interest and replayability through occasionally the feature seems more like a gimmick than something to change shooters for all time.

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Havince4065d ago

ill be getting this on friday i think

FirstknighT4065d ago

Rental for me. Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 are the only FPS I'm buying this year.

Havince4065d ago

is this post in the PS3 section ??????