IncGamers: Gran Turismo 5 Review

After many delays, Gran Turismo 5 is finally here and IncGamers' John Robertson took the game for a spin.

"GT5 is a love letter; a wonderfully poetic, meticulously crafted sonnet penned by a game designer Kazunori Yamauchi to his lover. That lover is automobiles. GT5 is not so much aimed at gamers as it is at car lovers, at petrol heads, at speed freaks. Whether you enjoy driving cars, appreciating their design or consuming yourself in the history of man’s primary mode of transport GT5 has a place for you, within its mountain of content, to gratuitously indulge your passion."

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stonecold33862d ago

good reviewed i would give it a 9.5 to 10.10 point score

InfectedDK3862d ago

Yeah but 9.2 aint bad either!
Fantastic game.

Carbide73862d ago

Yeah, I just took this photo during a replay at HSR earlier today. It's stunning at 1080p.

And whatever anyone says about the game that's negative. The one most important factor is incredible, the gameplay.

Fyzzu3862d ago

I thought this'd only really be good for motorheads, but if the game itself stands up well as a racer without that...

talltony3862d ago

Been playing it non stopped going for gold medals. This game looks crazy good sometimes. You really need to play this on a good tv to understand.

cvflyboy3862d ago

Yea man i know what you mean... I just finished getting all gold medals for the first license and i was jumping out my seat!!... You really feel like you accomplished something with the realistic physics and its mad fun testing out the different types of cars.

nix3862d ago

the most irritating (for me) thing about GT is that when you race, it will make you concentrate really hard, then somewhere you think that "maybeee... i'm somewhere in top 5 by now" because you think you've been slogging all this time and you didn't have time to look at Position because all this time because you're all the time trying to keep the car on track and not f*ck up and then suddenly you find out you're STILL AT 14!!!!

oh.. i love you GT.

PimpHandHappy3862d ago

what the gripe was about the menus... I like em

This game is a easy 9 for me and im only a couple races in.

40cal3862d ago

I like the menu interface also, love getting deliveries.

rdgneoz33862d ago

The menus for me (the "My Home" at least), remind me of like a webpage somewhat. It may not be bullet-point style format, but it looks nice. Especially if you play around with the pic at the top and the color shade at the bottom (for My Home).

spunnups3862d ago

I loved GTP and GT5 is only going to be a huge improvement. I get my copy in a few days and I'm very excited about it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

''There’s so much in GT5 that it’s impossible to cover it all in a single review without running to ten pages or more.''

I have to agree with this.
And lot of reviewers don't know about the damage at Lvl 20.

Damage at lvl 40:

Can't denied the best damage system GT5 have than any other racing game as a simulator.

But, you don't want to crash them if you don't have enough credits, because you have to pay to repair them.

Headquarters113862d ago

yep, hopefully gametrailers, gamespot, and g4 take their time before making their review.

Umb3862d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for a fair review from some of the sites your mentioned.

Ultraplayerxd3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Me too, especially with that reviewer they got for gamespot. I can smell that 8/10 a mile away.

40cal3862d ago

You would think it would have been a job requirement for these article writers/ game reviewers.

The facts coming out after you publish a review just discredits your publications, maybe time for new management.

PirateThom3862d ago

Stop bringing up the fact reviewers haven't played the game, they obviously know more than people who have played the game.

rdgneoz33862d ago

I love how people complain about the damage, but don't realize that you might have to pay to repair it. Which having it unlocked at level 0 would kind of kill the funds of the new players who are just learning.

Also, I would love for reviewers to post a pic of their profile in GT5, to show what A-Spec/B-Spec level they are and how many races they've won and cars they have. I swear half of them played the game for a few hours only before writing their reviews.

raztad3862d ago

Agree about reviewers posting their profile (too bad is not happening). Reviewing GT5 after just a couple of hours worth gametime, it is like reviewing Fallout 3 just when you get out of the vault 101 for the first time.

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