Homefront - Fiction or Reality?

Life imitating art imitating life... It could just be. I've been doing a little bit of research on Homefront after the release of some pretty cool gameplay videos released earlier today, admittedly in one of the videos it does just look like you can melee stab your way through the entire Korean army without being killed by the hordes of enemies swarming you, but still.

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Killer63859d ago

Haha, it might just be exactly what is going to happen at this rate.

EddyD3859d ago

It's getting closer by the second.

George Sears3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

You actually believe that South Korea would unite with the asshole government up North?

You should start reading more info about global politics and global news in general. Just a few days ago the North fired some artillery on civilian houses.

mushroomwig3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

'Japan surrenders to the Greater Korean Republic'

Judging from the trailer, Japan surrenders due to the possibility of being attacked.

Come took the country two nuclear bombs to finally admit defeat, there is no way in hell Japan would surrender to the "possibility" of an attack.

Also, why would the world just stand by and watch as countries within Asia are getting annexed?

Unrealistic to say the least, entertaining though.

Killer63859d ago

I'm guessing because everyone else is just too busy fighting wars everywhere else, and the premise that the US is suffering from total economic collapse.

Dunno, maybe the Japanese are just terrified of being nuked again, can't blame them.

EddyD3859d ago

It says that the US started pulling people back too. Its weird because the game starts in Colorado apparently, when the US has already been invaded and the Koreans have San Francisco.

George Sears3859d ago

You think Japan is as powerful military wise as they were in WW2? Give me a break. Japan wouldn't stand a chance against North Korea if they would try to attack it today.

After the war they just resided to have somewhat of a self defense force rather than a military might.

But North Korea wouldn't dare to do such a thing since they know they would have dire consequences with the U.S. and UN in general.

mushroomwig3858d ago

Granted Japan aren't as powerful as they once were but that still doesn't change who they are..they're not the type of people who will surrender without even fighting.

Killer63859d ago

I just like that its set on a US occupation, not like Call of Duty which is set around some hilarious and ridiculous "nuke the whitehouse" scenario.

mushroomwig3859d ago

Yet the idea of North and South Korea uniting, taking over Japan, annexing multiple countries and taking out America with a massive nationwide EMP strike which was hidden inside a communications satellite isn't ridiculous?

EddyD3859d ago

Owned, and i'm out of bubbles, but so worth it :D

KotC3859d ago

Fiction but fun fiction

femshep3859d ago

id say pure fiction with recent events

homefront has unified Korea

in reality North Korea just pissed off South Korea and the rest of the no unification for them

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