Contest: Get Your Art in Retro City Rampage!

Paul writes, "Grab your crayons boys and girls because the folks over at Vblank Entertainment Inc. just announced they will be holding an art contest!"

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cant wait to see how this unfolds!

Hayabusaman3864d ago

Nice this game looks awesome, and giving players a chance to get their art IN the game is badass.

meiamsome3864d ago

If you ever wanted to have your art in a shipped game, this is a pretty awesome chance at that.

Hitman07693864d ago

I'm just really surprised that this game is hitting with such a focus on community, given Vblank's enthusiasm for the gaming world I am really excited for this title and their future endeavors.

Cajun Chicken3864d ago

I remember when it was Grand Theft Tendo and was going to be a port of GTAIII for the NES released as a rom. It's come a long way!

Cajun Chicken3864d ago

Hmm, might give this a bash. Just redraw the art in your own style?

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