All New Details on The Club - PSU Exclusive Interview

New Details in this interview on Storyline, Maps, Combo System, and more!

When you have all the money in the world and the passion for fast cars and fast women no longer quench the thirst for excitement, what do you turn to? We've all seen Hostel correct?

Developed by Bizarre Creations Limited, makers of the Project Gotham racing series, comes a new franchise bathed in blood called The Club. And now for your reading pleasure, interviews Nick Davies, Design Manager behind this awesomely gruesome title and spills all new details for their hungry readers.

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bym051d4061d ago

So why can't stories be posted on N4G? What's wrong with this site?

Elginer4061d ago

from these folks after the Valve thing....

nekon4061d ago

The Valve stuff has been taken care of already, a new article with Gabe himself is coming. This is yet another interview with news that PSU is trying to bring the community. They don't mean anyone harm so I don't get why everyone wishes it on them. They're just trying to better this community.