Wii's big shot at the Australian market - PS3 delay?

Nintendo's Wii, touted as an affordable, quiet and compact home console, has been expected to take on the Australian market later this year, head to head with Sony's contrasting PlayStation 3. Retailers across the country have, for some months, taken preorders for both systems too, although Toys 'R' Us stores have spoken of Wii preorders significantly eclipsing those of the PS3.

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kewlkat0075382d ago

Another article that says, Sony will not have all Hardcore gamers happy by the PS3 launch date. Ofcourse I won't be getting it unless I decide to make some money on Ebay..hmm

Mikey_Gee5382d ago

They will delay the PS3 AGAIN ... it would be suicide for the console.

But if they do ... anyone want to buy a pre-sale ???

the_bebop5381d ago

First off this is commng from a Nintendo website, secound do you guys actually live in Australia, I do, third even if they do delay it here in Australia by a couple of months it won't make much off a difference, plus there would be more time to get enough of a relly good line up of release games for Australia.