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GameDynamo says, "On the one hand, this is an incredibly deep automotive title – it is not just a racing game. On the other hand, there's a lack of polish and a number of poorly implemented pieces of the puzzle that don't quite fit the Gran Turismo legend. In the end, this feels like Prologue part II, and I would have gladly waited another year for a cleaner final product."

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Seijoru3862d ago

More bullshit from reviewers. They aren't reviewing this as a car sim, they are reviewing this as if the second coming of Christ is a disappointment.

FACTUAL evidence3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

77!? Dizzzaaam....Well I hope the loyal GT fans are enjoying this...that's all that counts to kaz.

EDIT: @Seijoru No, it's almost as they are reviewing this game as it supposed to be an arcade racer or something...a little too realistic for casual gamers.....sorta reminds me of when KZ2 was to hardcore for COD players. So most Need for speed players need to stop trying to review this game.

rezzah3862d ago

Lol so true, people are too accustomed to twicting as they run and gun. They ail to realise that reality is not all flashy and easy.

Its as if they expect to be spoon fed with the same gameplay style over and over again. If not then they say the game is not good enough ebcause it is not like everyother game out there.

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pixelsword3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Dude, this is just another no-name site looking for hits by bashing a game; be it PS3 or 360. If this site was credible, they would have at least been heard of before this review.

Just a little tip here PS3/360 fans: it's all for the hits. Everyone seems to know that even if you are making a pro-PS3 article that putting an insulting title will give you more hits, or to just insult a well-liked franchise or some hot exclusive. The problem is that everyone falls for it just about every time.

Just look at the headline that says "Gran Turismo 5 Disappoints Gamers" that's currently sitting at 590°; that's a Pro GT5 article, but it wouldn't get hits using a positive tone.

Really guys; if you like it, buy it and be done with it. If you're that led that you have to make sure guys you never met and probably wouldn't like if you did meet them actually like the game for you to buy it, you'll never be happy.

SeanRL3862d ago

I think they were a little to hard on it in the sound department and especially for the graphics. For all of the complaints he made it still seems like it should have been in the 8.5 range.

ShinMaster3862d ago

So they've played this game for 2 or 3 days and they're able to review it?

acedoh3862d ago

I think the only reviews that should be trusted are those who can verify what level they reached. In the past a reviewer had to play a game to completion to review it. Now it seems you can get away with playing a game five hours to give a full review. I think websites like metacritic should really take that more into account. I am level 10 and I have even hit the tip of the iceberg. Level 10 and only 11% complete. Something tells me most of these negative reviews haven't even got that far. It's really a joke now with review websites. Also why do people who don't understand or like the genre reviewing it? It's like having someone who is a food critique review cars. You have to know what you are talking about. GT5 is so much more than a game.

Also any GT gamers who want to hit me up I'm Acedoh on the PSN...

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BubbleSystemSuck3862d ago

I think is all about Everbody Against Asian Devs...
JRPG vs. American RPGs
GT5 vs. Forza3
PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Why all the hate?

karl3862d ago

i gotta say.

it surprise me how this game is being reviewed..
if the game only had the best looking tracks and the premium car

i bet it would score a TEN

even if there was only 20 tracks and 200 cars

they added much more content than what we get for 60bucks this days.. and this is how journalist pay them

acedoh3862d ago

The Gran Turismo series can't win anymore when it comes to reviewers. In the past you only had 5 to 10 review sites which were generally good and not involved in console wars despite there being different consoles. Now with the XBox generation it always seems like a pissing match. Metacritic I believe is to blame for this slew of crappy websites. Even N4G plays a part. To think of it a company like Microsoft or SONY could even invest in a dozen of these websites without anyone knowing and get a great return with biased reviews. It's not just GT5 that has suffered this fate. Fable 3 and COD have been hit with lower scores. I have played neither but have talked to enough people who swear by them.

The real killer3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Look at your disagree from stealth 360 trollers, just WOW!!

they are trying to hard, to prove you wrong without any arguments.

omni_atlas3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

what a stupid review. It seems sound got a 65/100 and that is what brought down the score.

Graphics 85
Sound 65
Gameplay 80
Play Value 95
Final Score 77

Someone tell me how a game with a play value of 95 can get a final score of 77? Site is just looking for hits. IGNORE.

acedoh3862d ago

How can the sound be a 65?

This game has some of the best vehicle sounds I have ever heard. The engines vibrate my room. Playing with a Nascar is so loud it gets annoying. And over 100 songs. Please tell me how the sound is bad.

Jaces3862d ago

I thought reviewers were supposed to review the game and not the hype or how long it took to come out.

Seriously, this is bull.

Deadpool1013862d ago

"They aren't reviewing it as a car sim"

No, they are reviewing it as a video game.

Lykon3862d ago

lol wtf is going on with these gt 5 reviews. it's beyond a joke!

VictoriousB133861d ago

If it was a glowing review you wouldn't say anything though, right?

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Yomiro3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Game dynamo?.... who are they?


Jc Marx, a guy that barely use the PS3.

I wonder when was the last time he played on PS3.

Halo_Reach3862d ago

People say it isnt because u can play with alot of assists on... turn off the assists and u wont even do the 1st lap.

spektical3862d ago

actually thats how forza is.

HOSe3862d ago

san fran rush 2049 is a better sim than f3

sak5003862d ago


Sackdude3862d ago


Even with all the optional driving aids disabled, Forza 3 still has an active steering aid that steers for you.

When a simulation steers for you is still a simulation?

MS lover don't know nothing about simulators.

winflasher03862d ago

Except you can't turn off all the assists in Forza 3. You can only nerf them.

im-12-years-old3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Mario kart is more sim than forza

sak5003862d ago

Crazy taxi is more authentic than GT5

maxcer3862d ago

if you had the game you would know you can turn all the assists completely off. doing this gives you the maximum exp out of each race.

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