9.1 Gran Turismo 5 Review Gran Turismo 5 is by far the best in the series created by Polyphony Digital.The realism,the visual spectacle and immersive 3D, peppered with various challenges and well-assorted are the ingredients of an ambitious project.The customization in this game from the various aspects of the pilot to their desktop,the data logger,photo management and video in both HD and 3D published and shared with others,the multiplayer mode supported by a good Netcode greatly increase the pleasure to replay it,repaying the cost of the purchase.Despite having experienced some defections in the general framework that have their weight and leave a little bitter taste in the mouth, is a mandatory purchase for all lovers of fast cars on four wheels and racing, whether you are novice riders with the pink sheet or thirsty for victory.Not a masterpiece,which does not reach the hoped-for perfection,guilty of too many years of development and little attention to features that could easily be made clean.

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Seijoru4388d ago

Seems like these people actually took the time to play the game rather than nitpick.

SoapShoes4388d ago

The truth is not any more apparent.