Gran Turismo 5 Review (Short)

One of the most anticipated games this year, if not saying this generation has finally lunched. Over 1000 different cars, 70 tracks, Nascar, Top Gear, WRC a great online experience...

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InfectedDK3856d ago

Sorry bad review but fine score.. :)

bananlol3856d ago

I dont like the fact that reviews should be acompanied by a score, if they werent people would actually read them. Like your avatar though, probably my goty. Katamari forever was also good though.

KotC3856d ago

Reads more like an ad than a review

DXM13856d ago

this review makes no sense.

author cant even write properly!

InvaderZim3856d ago

This is a score I can actually agree with. Unlike that stupid IGN review where they contradict themselves :/

Nitrowolf23856d ago

That being so, this game is amazing and all, but this review is just written terribly

Optical_Matrix3856d ago

Lol what terrible writing. Who was GT5 lunched with? Need for Speed?

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The story is too old to be commented.