Heavy Traffic Blamed For GT5 Troubles

It’s bad enough that Gran Turismo 5 takes five years to arrive and then makes you wait for up to (and over) a minute every time a new track loads up. Now “extreme traffic congestion” is causing problems for online gamers – single players too, by all accounts.

In short, GT5 has been a runaway success – bigger, perhaps, than even Sony had bargained for. As such, the current server capacity is unable to keep pace with the surging demand for multiplayer races and other online components. Many players are now reporting delays of several minutes when trying to connect.

Unusually, this is affecting single players too, for the simple reason that GT5 goes online to update a number of community features, gameplay menus and various screen displays in ‘GT Mode’.

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bananlol3856d ago

These things tend to happen with big games, they will probably fix it in time.

Chaos693855d ago

The same people that slammed Gears, Halo and Call of Duty for the same reasons are now the ones doing the damage control for GT5.

RememberThe3573855d ago

Thats how it goes. If you like it, everything is cool. If you hate it, everything is wrong.

But really wasn't Gears 2 an actual mess. Halo and COD shouldn't have gotten slammed as hard as they did but the hate bandweagons for those games were very full. But from what I read Gears 2 online was actually broken.

maxcer3855d ago

@ RememberThe357

its a damn same gears2 had those problems, it cost them millions of players who moved on after the first month. but currently the game is just as good as gears1 ever was. with quicker matchmaking, region filters, cshd and now social matches that were implemented in the last update is all good.

N4WAH3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Actually Chaos you could not be more wrong. If anything GT5 is being nitpicked to death and some of the reasoning behind it is borderline criminal. Where games like Gears of War 2 and MW2 were given a pass.

I cant recall one site, NOT ONE, having GeoW2's over all rating take a hit because of it's horrid online issues. No they were too busy rushing out their reviews and glorifying it any way they could. So many issues that engine has in general yet practically not one ill word about it.

What about all the delays of Splinter Cell Conviction (5 year game), Alan Wake (5 year game), etc and so on. These games were not torn apart for those reasons. They were review for what they were and not what the reviewer wanted them to be.

Did you read the GT5 reviews and the nonsense being spewed in them as to their lame reasons for why it's not averaging 9 or higher? My favorite one is it's too much a sim and that just is not fun for me personally. WHAT!? Oh okay we will add some skateboards with uzi's, how is that?

Now you have the sheer audacity to come here and act as if Sony fans are crying foul because there are some minor online issues? How about we cry foul for the most pathetic and lamest excuses I have ever seen as to why this game, like most other PS3 exclusives, is not getting the credit it deserves?

Take off those fan colored goggles and see the media for what it really is once and for all and stop turning a blind eye to it. Sony titles are put through a grinder by the media where as 360 titles just have to show up.

This is coming from a gamer (me)that has gamed 4 to 1 in favor of the 360 over the PS3. Wow this site is filled with hypocrisy and ignorance. It's so bad I am starting to think I should put on a gas mask for safety just to survive the toxic fumes when visit this site so I don't choke to death on it.

I myself have not experienced these issues mentioned in this article. But hey let's all take it at face value and pretend that it effects all. GT5 is the laughing stock to the gaming industry. Sony should be ashamed. How dare them delaying this game a million times and now all these problem and it's such a mediocre title to boot! DAMN YOU TO HELL SONY. DAMN YOU TO HELL! /s

Apone3855d ago

For the time being i just unplug the internet connection, works perfectly fine (for the single player of course).

callahan093855d ago

Shenanigans! I call.

I never waited for over a minute for a new track to load up. Then I installed the game, and it takes like 20 seconds now. The load times are actually very short in comparison to similar racing games I've played.

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Nitrowolf23856d ago

I am actually surprised to see how many of my buds player this game, usually when big releases come out they are still playing COD, now my list is half and half.
btw does anyone know if we can get money credit from online matches??

despair3855d ago

its really hurting me right now, I live outside the US so I had to order my copy from Amazon, it was supposed to arrive today and now I have to wait until next week :(

The worst part is quite a few of my friends on PSN are playing the game non stop so everytime I log on I am just reminded of what I'm missing....

MGRogue20173856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Sony & Polyphony Digital will sort these online issuesout in no time.. with the patch coming on Saturday, 27th.

The issues aren't the only thing they're fixing either.. :)

lazysey3856d ago

Yes lets pat them on the back and give them a lollipop while we're at it. This game is the most anticipated game of the year next to black ops and of course we're not going to think ahead and say "oh, gee, 5 million people bought prologue, there are 40 million ps3's, BIG gran turismo FANBASE,, no traffic at all". You only had 5 years to prepare for network traffic congestion.

BeAGamer3855d ago

a little over the top, but whatever lol:

Neko_Mega3855d ago

The same can be said about a lot of games, black ops had problems on pc and ps3. You would think they would have no problems knowning the game was going to sell really good.

But they did and so did fallout new vegas.

showtimefolks3855d ago

GT5 will be a game that will get many updates/patches to fix many small issues and more features PD have said that

i am playing without any issue so maybe i am one of the lucky ones but i have yet to try online

keep playing and on saturday a patch will arrive followed by many more and i like a game that gets a lot of support from the devs

despair3855d ago

you know these things happen, they underestimated the traffic and now they will have to deal with it. I mean if someone like Bungie can have servers literally melt down from the Halo Reach Beta overload and they have many many years of online experience why not someone like PD. Not a hit against Bungie FYI just an example.

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never_waste_a_bullet3855d ago

It's not even that bad, but of course it's got to have tons of articles exploiting it

showtimefolks3855d ago

you have to expect that that goes for every exclusive on every console

either way its a great racing game all racing fans should try this game period

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