PSU: GRAW 2 Review...8.5/10

Bottom Line:
GRAW 2 is finally here for the PlayStation 3 console, and being a port does little to deter from its striking gameplay. Along with the online portion, you'll be playing for hours on end to progress as one or as a team, depending on the mode chosen. The addition of the Sixaxis is a bit sloppy, but nonetheless GRAW 2 delivers. This is a Tom Clancy game no one should pass up!


* + Stunning visuals complemented by amazing sound
* + Intense missions
* + Great online experience.


* - Limited Sixaxis delays, but sensitivity customization mollify the situation.
* - Some frame rate hiccups
* - Battle dialogue could be improved.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4064d ago

Some take points away because it's been on XBOX 360 forever. But I think the PS3 probably has the better version.

Now if only they could start releasing them at the same time.