Gran Turismo 5: Online Mode Is Full Of Problems

Lags, freezes and a lot of other problems: The online mode of Gran Turismo 5 is unplayable at this moment. There has been released an online mode video of Gran Turismo 5, too.

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xYLeinen2885d ago

Sure there are problems but would it hurt to actually write a positive article about GT5 and what the games does good?

Seriously, I've not seen one of these articles yet!

InfectedDK2885d ago

This is a minor problem looking at a wonderful game.
Let's just wait for some patches to fix these things.
Happy gaming.
GT5 = 10/10.

zootang2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

It's not like all the hate Forza 3 got for its flying/glitched cars. Deserved by the way.

GT is a great game and franchise, regardless of what people want to nitpick about it. 10/10 not a game out there that comes close.

xYLeinen2885d ago

On a second note, I wonder how gaming journalism is in Japan regarding this. I don't know a single thing about journalism in Japan but how to they focus on reviews in general and how do the gamers over there respond to them?

I feel regarding the GT5 review in west here things are just a mess. On "war" leads to another "war".

thernztrom2885d ago

Feels like the news-sites likes to hit on gt5 just because it has a "so high reputation" from previous games. They really have to seek for small problems that can bring down the scores.. too sad.
But who the h**l cares, as long as its fun :D

zeksta2885d ago

There have been a few positive articles surrounding GT5, but honestly, people seem to be nit-picking and hating on this game as much as they can, only if i knew why :/.

RedDead2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Cod Black ops comes to mind, that was ripped to shreads over the problems with online.

point is, games have this problem more often than not, just wait a few weeks until the devs work it out. This is what happens without an external beta so just just give them a break.

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RedGr3mlin2885d ago

First of all im a HUGE gt fan, i LOVED gt 3 and 4 and completed them both to 100% but GT5 some time make me SICK. seriously.

Lets go the things over fast.

Online Freeze
No friend invite
No music in the main menu (that is your MUSIC)
NON PREMIUM CARS are down right FUGLY!!!!
Shadows are just redicelus.
Freezing probs in online mode
Freezing probs in offline mode
5-10 min whait (AND YES I INSTALLED THE GT5 to ps3) between menues.

DOnt take me wrong, there is a HOLE LOT of crazy good things with this game. but after this much talk about gt 5 it dont look like it deliver on that promice.

Untill this game get patched this game is a 8 out of 10 from me .
And the reason it get an 8 is ONLY for the premium cars and drive feeling.

thernztrom2885d ago

Online freeze - pd has told us that their servers are very bussy, no big deal. Will get better soon.
No music in the main menu- then can you get that in Midnight Club, NFS?
Shadows - probably gets patched :)
Freezing probs online- read first line
freezing probs offline - checked that you ps3 is okay. I havent had any problems at all.
Takes 15 sec for me to move in menus.. gotta be something wrong with ya hdd. :/

RedDead2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

5-10 mins wait? that's definately not the games fault. In comparison to other games, it takes LONG but only 10-15 seconds per menu, not 5-10 mins, are you over exaggerating out of anger or something?

This game is 10/10 in my books, and by todays 10/10 standard this is alot higher. It should have it's own scale, the Gt scale, which makes it atleast 5 points above other games . I don't see how others can compare to it.

I'm surprised how differant NASCAR is to regular racing, it feels so...heavy, the wheel is constantly trying to bounce out of my grip, I love it haha. I honestly thought it would bore me but it takes much more concentration than I thought, your always multitasking, 1: trying to keep in a straight line, 2: trying to overtake, 3: turning without slightly overdoing the wheel(= crash!!)

I F***ong love it seriously, I haven't even drifted or done a Rally eyt. F1, has me psyced aswell, I can't wait for it.

Aso Go karting is probably the easiest once you get the hang of turning, you barely need the brake, just letgo of the accellerator a bit before corners depending on our speed and the severity of the turn, it's so fun though, I thought it would be shi*, but i'm going back to it repeatedly

RedGr3mlin2885d ago

1, well i hope couse right now i got fuel in my blood that cant come out becouse the online freeze all the time 4 me.

2. ehhh i dont like nfs so i realy dont understand your point

3. i red about that to, but dont you think a game talked about so much like gt5 should at LEAST have shadows that look ok?

4. read first line : P

5. Well now you scare me, i dont want to beleve that there is something wrong with it lol but i check =P

6. maybe i shuld change HDD then? what you think? Would it help?

ian722885d ago

I haven't been online in GT5 yet, but I soon will. I loved online play on prologue so am looking forward to trying GT5 out online.

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