PlayStation Phone reveal next month, launch in Feb 2011?

CVG: Announcement event reportedly set for December 9 as more PS Phone details leak

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deadreckoning6663864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

....I don't know about this. Unless its ridiculously affordable, I don't see this doing very well. What makes Sony think that there is a market for people who want a PSP/Sony Ericsson Phone combo?

@quiddd- Agreed.

TheLastGuardian3864d ago

True Playstation fans and smart phone enthusiasts will buy this. I'll buy this and the PSP2 if they are alot different.

Stealth20k3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

they will be completely different

the psp 2 is a gaming handheld and real gaming device with dual analog sticks, touch track on the back of the device, graphics of the 360,real games not 10 dollar or less micro games ,physical medium

the phone has none of that

thrust3864d ago

360 gfx lol you guys crack me up rofl, so it has ps3 gfx aswell?

silvacrest3864d ago

Like the last guardian said, smartphone fans and in this case androiid fans will be all over this

Some people have multilated there phones just so they can use the keyboard to play games, now there's no need

What I'm saying may not seem to popular, for proof vist any psp phone thread on engadget

quiddd3864d ago

but I hope to God that it doesn't look like the above picture.

Stealth20k3864d ago


I am getting the psp 2