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"This is the racing enthusiasts game. As a game on it’s own, it’s pretty average. But as far as the actual driving goes, it’s on top of it’s game. GT5 is probably the biggest disappointment of 2010." - GameState

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I think Sony forced PD to rush the game out as it was ridiculously over budget. It's still damned awesome though, but certain things, like the online aspect seem to be broken.

Other games that disappointed this year were Splinter Cell conviction (it was good, but I was expecting...more). Enslaved, which looked beautiful but had boring gameplay and Alan Wake...which I also enjoyed, but after 5 years in development ended up being quite repetitive.

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man i thought that enslaved and alan wake were very very good. as for gt5 must get it yet, but dose anyone know can u do custom paint jobs like forza?????

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The comment he makes about the music.

The video is playing MENU music during race gameplay (in which case dance/electro and rock music plays).

Awesome "journalism".

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"The games were delayed numerous times."
"Menu is super crap."
No ability to change driver's outfit is a problem.
Menu music during race...
6th level... It's like 2 hours of playing.


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For some reason, low scoring reviews for GT5 are very contradicting.


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the best driving in the industry......but pity it's not in a real

i want the same weed the reviewer's

hay4328d ago

Better not. It obviously damages his brain :D
Stick with your pot.

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