PC 'a generation ahead' of PS3 and 360, but being held back - Crytek

Crytek boss Cervat Yerli has claimed that developers' focus on PS3 and 360 is holding back game quality on PC - a format he believes is already "a generation ahead" of modern day consoles.

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imvix3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Well considering latest high end GPUs now are only being benchmarked at a resolution of 2560*1600 with 8x AA and still putting out 100fps+, Nvidia and AMD should be concerned people dont need an upgrade to play games in 1080p even if they own a mid range GPU from 2-3 years back.

Wonder what they are gonna do if people stop buying new upgrades. Makes me wonder why they even support Consoles?

R2D23861d ago

Stupid dinosaur tech in console holding back some amazing games.

AAACE53861d ago

@imvix... Like I said yesterday, you make more money doing console games! PC's most popular games are MMO's. And nearly everything else gets pirated so much that companies don't make much money from it!

Freedom to do what you want on a PC is the main thing hurting it's industry! Just like the Psp. If you can download most of the games you want for free, why buy the games? That's why over 60 million Psp's were sold, but only a few titles sold over a million units.

toaster3861d ago

Like I said in another article, games are being developed for the lowest common denominator. PC hardware is so far beyond console that it could be considered 2 or 3 gens ahead. And then the upcoming Bulldozer and Sandy will just shatter the hardware world, the only people who really think console hardware hold a candle to PC will be the uber fantards. Tech has gotten so advanced now and consoles are being left in the dust.

ct033861d ago

"And nearly everything else gets pirated so much that companies don't make much money from it!"

Source please. And no, your butt doesn't count as a source.

Substance1013861d ago


Perhaps you missed the latest sales number from Steam. Fallout vegas on PC is rivaling numbers from console counterparts.

PSP having no sale is another issue.

CBaoth3861d ago

you may have missed the other articles where the PC fanboys submitted as proof of sales that as many as 230 million PCs in the wild were capable of gaming applications.

So now you're suggesting that 2.5 million sales of F:NV to an install base of 230 million is the same as selling comparable numbers to an install base of 85 million (PS3&360)?

Rage_S903861d ago

this article is source if you read what it says about the reasons why games aren't developed on pc more

Pandamobile3861d ago

We're talking bout the 300,000 Steam sales of the game.

300,000 sales from a userbase of 30,000,000 is better than 650,000 sales from a userbase of 50,000,000 (or however big the 360's install base is)

Not to mention developers get a lot more profit per digital unit sold than retail, so Bethesda probably made more money from the 300,000 Steam sales than the 650,000 retail Xbox sales.

cemelc3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Im going to put it this way, the pc is really more powerfull whoever says otherwise is lying.

But that said, theres a reason why many developers make games first on consoles than on pc, i know ppl will not like this, but they are making more money of consoles than on pc otherwise the main version of all games would be the pc and not the consoles.

When you see game from ubisoft(AC:2) and rockstar(Red dead), activision(spiderman:SD) then you see my point is valid. And that is not even counting the exclusives that each console have.

Not saying the pc is dying in any way, but its not the main market anymore.

Rage_S903860d ago

cemelc took the words out of my mouth thats what i meant i know the pc is awsome im just saying theres a reason games are develop for consoles first

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JsonHenry3861d ago

Your statement is missing one thing - turn on the eye candy, make a better looking and more detailed game, with more realistic physics, and running at 1920*1080 might not be possible with current gen hardware.

Turning up the resolution is always a good thing! But if the game is a new benchmark and a visual powerhouse then THAT is the reason to buy new hardware.

However, until the next generation of consoles come out there will be little in the way of PC games that will make the average consumer want to upgrade from the current gen hardware.

NYC_Gamer3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )


he is saying that millions of people are buying pc games just from 1 digital service alone....and to think about the sales numbers all together from every service...

r1sh123861d ago

I agree that the xbox and ps3 are really slowing down game development, but the problem with PC gaming is the crazy astronomical cost to build an amazingly powerful PC.
Its more affordable to have a ps3 or xbox, which will utilise a TV.
The comments made by crytek are a little wrong, PC gaming is holding itself back due to its mad prices.

Sorry to offend but its true, pc gaming is only failing because of the cost of building a gaming spec PC!

Substance1013861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

This subject has been beaten to death, after you consider the cost of console games, PC is way cheaper in the long run.

A reasonabally good PC gaming rig wont cost more then 700usd. One to beat consoles can be made in 400-550usd.

DigitalRaptor3861d ago

Some people don't know how to or want spend time and money to build PC gaming rigs. Some people don't want to sit by a computer to play their games. Saying consoles don't matter is like bitch slapping yourself in the face as a gamer.

I haven't found an experience exclusive to PC that has surpassed any console gaming experience I have had.

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sku7790tz3861d ago

360 is the least common denominator of course we knew it already k thanks.

Substance1013861d ago

And how much is the difference between 360 and the PS3. I assure you its quite piddly when compared to the massive difference between even the entry level hardware of today and Consoles. In fact PS3 and 360 are trading blows when it comes to multiplats, only when it comes to exclusives does the PS3 gain a small lead even that is largely due to Sony investing so much resources into the exclusives.

Xwow20083861d ago

"only when it comes to exclusives does the PS3 gain a small lead"

Small lead!!!??? until now there is no xbox360 game that looks better than killzone2 + u have Uc2 and the mindblowing gow3 and u still say small lead.

HDgamer3861d ago

lol not a small lead, definitely a major ramp in the lead in the graphics/gameplay department.

evrfighter3861d ago

I won't argue that. Imo 360 going off letter grades would be an F at this point in time.

Ps3 would be a D+

PC would be spread out across all grades.

DethWish3861d ago

You don't see that by looking at multiplats you are looking at the lowest denominator?


Cryreck is just mad they cant compete with COD, HALO, AND PS3 EXCLUSIVES... Look Pc gaming is great in terms of graphics but what must have exclusives do they have? Starcraft and warcraft and doom... other than that the PC lacks AAA titles... The crown goes to the PS3 interms of AAA exclusives and it managed to do this with inferior hardware...

wicko3861d ago

It's a small lead when compared to the lead PC has, I think that is the point he tried to make.

But I don't think it's fair to blame consoles for their old hardware, it's better to blame the developers (read: publishers) for not focusing their time on the PC version (just like you can blame them for not focusing on the PS3 for those multiplatform games). It's a shame Crytek can't focus exclusively on PC anymore but at the same time I'm interested to see what they can do with old hardware.

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Swiftfox3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Though the man in the interview used the term "creative expression." I feel what he truly meant was "high-end realistic graphics." There is a big difference.

It's never been an argument as to what platform has the greatest potential in terms of horse-power. That's because the PC, rather than relying on a fixed hardware map, can constantly be upgrading to get the maximum out of itself. Nothing wrong with that.

I think this individual's comments are true but represent a flaw in mindset. To him, graphics seem to equal quality and that just isn't true at all.

In fact, if you think that the greatest triumph of PC gaming is getting higher resolution or more Frames Per Second or better textures then you aren't doing the system any favors. There is a brilliant sense of freedom with the PC. This freedom is the reason it's the platform of choice of Indie devs. Things like the sense of community and the free exchange of user generated content are things that consoles have only scratched the surface of recently.

"A generation ahead" in terms of power? Sure. "A generation ahead" in terms of game quality? That's open to interpretation, but as it stands, I don't buy that.

ct033861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Of course "easily a generation ahead" refers entirely to the technology.
If none of us were interested in the technology, we'd still be playing NTSC resolution on a Super Nintendo.

Swiftfox3861d ago

I never said that no one was interested in tech. Being interested in and trying to push the tech is fine, but to assume and suggest tech is the make or break point of the PC or even game design as a whole is absurd.

beast242tru3861d ago

well crytek ps3 and 360 is where the money is at partna and pc will always be generation ahead its upgradeable consoles are closed off

Substance1013861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

So why is it most console devs are making losses? with sales slacking and going down?

Infact Blizzard alone is making more money then Microsoft & Sony combined. Lets not even count Sony since they hardly even make a profit.

Tuxedo_Mask3861d ago

Blizzard makes money because their biggest seller, World of Warcraft, can be played on a wide range of PC setups, but it isn't a game that is graphically groundbreaking. The best PCs are the explorers of new territories, while the consoles and common PCs are the civilizations of the gaming world.

NYC_Gamer3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

most ports are dx9 which is bad since dx11 cards are every where

DethWish3861d ago

This is the reason winxp is holding pc back as well

mistajeff3861d ago

yeah, i think people are nervous to upgrade to 7 because of vista's horror stories. i'm still on xp right now but i plan on going to 7 as soon as a find a good deal on the pro x64 version.

AKS3860d ago

Windows 7 is much better than Vista. I upgraded to Windows 7 64 Ultimate.