Amazon Offers Insane PSP 3000 and PSPgo Deals

"As part of their Black Friday Video Games Sale, Amazon began offering some sweet discounts on both the Sony PSP 3000 and PSPgo systems!

Grab the PSP 3000 Black Friday Holiday Bundle for only $129.99 (Reg. $169.99) and get a Free $15 credit.

The PSP 3000 Black Friday Holiday Bundle comes with the LittleBigPlanet and The Karate Kid UMD Movie.

Also, grab the PSPgo (Piano Black or Pearl White) for $149.99 (Save $50) as well..."

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Peppino73860d ago

Sometimes I wish I didn't already have things that were on sale so I could take advantage of deals. Good for others though. Happy Thanksgiving.

sp1deynut3859d ago the person taking advantage of it. Sony should have done what MS did with Kin, and pulled the plug on that worthless piece of crap, shortly after launch.

BigPete79783859d ago

I've actually had my PSPgo since launch day and have used it much more than my PSP1000, which has also been owned since the launch of the PSP. It's much more portable, and just more appealing to me. Guess it's just a personal preference.

Blaine3859d ago

Too bad I don't have any disposable income at the moment, because that is extremely tempting...

MrWegman3859d ago

Ordered the Little Big Planet bundle for my son.
Good deal and no waiting in line at Target.

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