Gran Turismo 5: Non-Premium Cars Look Awful – Prevent You From Taking Close-Up Photos

Nick from Lazygamer has started his play through of GT5 for the review and has stumbled across the most ludicrous inclusion by Polyphony. Not only are the standard cars pretty poorly modeled but they have gone out of their way to stop you taking in game photo's demonstrating how shoddy they really are.

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WobblyOnion4446d ago

What the hell have they been doing for the past six years? What's the point of including 17 squintillion cars, if only the "premium" ones look like they belong in this generation?'s about the racing, right? RIGHT? Who's with me?

JokesOnYou4446d ago

hmmm, looks like a very poor decision on PD's part, I'm sure most would rather have less cars overall with more total premium quality cars.

Masamori Sumimura4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

I've read alot of reviews and alot have stated that Non-premium cars look Almost like Last-Gen or early Gen Cars. Makes you think alot. I know people here will deny this since they're mostly fanboys. You guys should Read the comment section under the story on Lazygamer's page. Alot of people are also stating that.

yewles14446d ago

Wow, how you guys try to get away with everything...


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wwm0nkey4446d ago


What does Forza 3 have to do with this? This is about something GT5 is doing. Personally im not a fan of either games.

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Optical_Matrix4446d ago

@above...robotic AI? This isn't an arcade racer...what do you expect the AI to do apart from drive round the track. It's a simulator? What else are you hoping they do? Ram you off the tracks etc? This isn't a car destruction game. And they certainly aren't gonna start throwing red shells and banana peels at you

thrasherv34446d ago

The first racing game I ever played on the consoles was GT2. I REFUSED to even try Forza when it was first released on the original xbox. I hate to admit this but I'm a huge NASCAR fan and was really looking forward to this game. I guess painting my own NASCAR car seems better? :/

@Capdastaro: I agree. There doesn't seem to be anything grabbing me by the balls and saying,"This game fuckin rocks!"

Maybe I should give it a week? It's been so long since a GT came out maybe I forgot what it feels like...

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poindat4446d ago

Saying they look "awful" is a pretty big exaggeration. They certainly don't look good when standing still (such as in a photograph), but in motion they look fine. More importantly, they all run on the new physics engine so it's like driving each car for the first time again!

Seriously, I'd say that about 70% of my playtime in GT5 so far has been with the standard cars and I'm having an absolute blast.

ProjectVulcan4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Polyphony just need to be modelling new cars constantly to the 'premium' standard. I think they really should be contracting in a lot of model artists to build the cars, get 100 more artists working on cars.

Even if they each spend the claimed 6 months on each model(which i find hard to believe it takes that long), GT6 will have 500+ premium models in 18 months.

Turn 10 used a lot of contract work to build the forza games, and it did not hurt the quality of the modelling significantly. As long as contractors can model to a high enough standard under polyphony's direction, wouldnt you think it was a much better solution than copy and pasting old models?

nickjkl4446d ago

vulcan i dont think you understand how they model cars they dont just scan it in and add textures

they model eveything even the adjustable wing on the slr and veyron works they modeled the interior for cars and they had to design them so that the ai driver actually drives the with shifting and pressing petals forza makes the hand go off screen to shift

ct034446d ago

He understands how it works. I'm not sure where the 6 month number comes from, but that is way too high.

I have modeled a number of high detail cars for commercials and manufacturer websites, and it takes me about 150 hours for one car.

The interior eats up 90% of that time. This includes every detail down to the seatbelt buckles and floor mats; I don't think the GT5 cars contain this much detail though.

ProjectVulcan4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

@ ct03, 150 hours is what, a month's work tops? Source from the main man himself. I understand perfectly how modelling works, i have done it myself. I can also understand that modelling to an extreme where you cant actually see the detail as you play a car in the game is a little bit futile. In order to see uber detail you need uber resolution anyway, GT5 manages better resolution than most but its possible more time is spent on the car models than is strictly necessary.

Im pretty sure a professional artist can do a good job in 3 months that'll stand up reasonably well against a 6 month model- especially playing in game where you arent as likely to actually see the minutae of details. Certainly with a couple weeks tutorial on the tools Polyphony use i imagine i could model something a great deal better than a 'standard' model with a couple months to do it. Give the tools to the community even and let them mod the game!

Nevertheless, Polyphony should rope in contractors to work on cars. It'll probably be the only way they can create a large number of 'premium' models- which in reality, should be a standard level across the game....

Viper74446d ago

Game already has more "premium" cars than most games have cars overall. The non premium cars are just a nice bonus and theres just something about it when you can find your car/fathers car/friends car and tune it up and kick their asses with it.

Process of upscaling cars from GT4 models probably differs from GT5 premium modelling by a lot so there's really no way to tell how many more premium cars there could have been without non premium models so its hard to tell whether the decision was right or wrong.

N4g_null4445d ago

Try a week or less to model these cars. Loft nurbs are your friend. Oyeah they do have CAD models for these cars so I'm sure they used those and spent more time ripping detail out and making new shaders and baking some lighting in.

Game modeling is a little different than commerical modeling if youve ever do the two.

Now setting it up for the physics may take longer to get it just right.

The only way to get it right is to use tesselation and we all know the PS3 is not ready for that.

With that you just get the cad model export it over and do a difference map or normal/displacment map from it. That is like one day top. Nividia has tools for that and your programmer can make you tools for it also.

We are seeing the PS3 become dated before our eyes. Still looks good, but so much open GL tech could be used to fix so many problems in this game. Even the damage model can become more dynamic.

Man I can't wait for next gen.

Oh yeah happy holidays!

HolyOrangeCows4445d ago

Look "Awful"?!?!?!?!

This GT5 FUD campaign is going waaaaaaaay too far.

MerkinMax4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Is it just me, or do the lights look like decals? These cars aren't too appealing; what were they thinking? Come on, this is kinda of disappointing. No amount of redirected arguments towards Forza 3 will change that. But, I still love the Premium cars.

Nihilism4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )


I hate to tell you bud but that bottom game screen of forza 3 still looks twice as good as the standard cars in GT5, which make up 95% of the cars.

For anyone who wants to see a game screenshot of Dirt 2 on PC.

Dirt 2 uses the same engine as GRID, Dirt 3 is using EGO engine 2.0, it is going to blow everything else away. GRID and Dirt also have the best collision physics in racing so you can stop fighting now.

Dee_914445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

well its obvious who has the game who doesent ..
when your driving next to a standard you cant even tell ..
lol at all these people in here whos not even interested in the game
you need games to play ?

@Nihilism "I hate to tell you bud but that bottom game screen of forza 3 still looks twice as good as the standard cars in GT5,"

nah not really

forza and gt5 standards looks the same to me

MysticStrummer4445d ago

@Dmarc - Yeah how funny. The big scandal is that GT5's worst looking cars are equal to anything in Forza 3.

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Igneel4446d ago

I did this little round up of the Gran Turismo games and I've come to figure out that The Series have been way too overhyped by the fans as the coming of the best racing game ever. That's why a lot of people are dissapointed in it. Personally I dont mind the score it receives. I still play Gran turismo 1 on Playstion 1 lmao. Remember when you had to get your racing liscence at the start of the game? and you only had a few dollars to buy a car? fun times.

Jdoki4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

I'm not a huge fan of sim racers, but I do enjoy the odd blast of Forza or GT (not yet got GT5 though).

However, looking at the bashing GT5 is getting, it's about the things that, for me, don't matter. And the fanboys on both sides are focusing on those irrelevant things.

For example... I've not see a single criticism about a lack of interesting tracks, or the driving / physics model. For me they are the important things. I've seen nothing that states that the couple of dropped frames and almost unnoticeable screen tearing actually affects the game play.

I really don't care how close I can zoom in to a 'used' car in the game to take a photo. If I want to take cool photo's in a game I'll either do it on the better looking premium cars, or fire up NFS:HP and crash the crap out of something. :)

Forza did not get this level of nitpicking. And the whole 'it took 5 years to develop' is a lame excuse to bash those minor things. PD (rightly or wrongly) focused their attention in certain areas to make the game they wanted.

Seems to me PD have created a racing platform that they will continue to update for the long term.

soljah4446d ago

i like the used car store. found some good bargains and when u do save up enough money it makes buying a new car more rewarding

downwardspiral4446d ago

The standard cars don't really look that bad in general, but it looks terrible compared to the premium cars. I would have definitely settled for 5 to 600 premium cars instead of having 1000 with most of them being standards.

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fei-hung4446d ago

i played this game with a standard car yesteray and my car didnt look anywhere near as bad as this.

this game has brought the troll out of journalists like never before.

the good news is, those who own the game and are playing it know how much BS is in many of these articles.

fei-hung4446d ago

the arguement made here is completely BS. The standard cars look and drive better than other racing sims found on any console.

This is like complaining that sony has given you 800 Eva Mendez's and only 200 Sagia Cataneda's.

In reality you wouldnt care if you got either of the 2 or 800 one of one of them, you would still be over the friggin moon unless you have serious issues!

dabri54445d ago

The standard cars are taken directly from the ps2 gt4. There is no spinning it. They cause the games visuals to come off as inconstant. Lots of cars to choose from but I'd rather have a good balance of number of cars that all look equally good.

shysun4446d ago

Premium car look fine man, I don't know why you can't take a pic of them. In game they look and control better than any racing game out!!

Akagi4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

A lot of you guys are idiots. The 800+ cars are a bonus. The 200 premium models are what GT5 is really about. They're absolutely stunning.

visualb4446d ago

Give up. People will always find something to sh*t on. Just leave it. We know the 200 premium cars are the MAIN cars, and the 800 bonuses but most people when they see 800 cars they want them all to have 6 months of work if done by only one person non stop...

you know...800*6 = 4800 months of work for the game to be completed...

i.e :

400 years...sure each car had more than one person, maybe a team of 12 people? it'd still take 33 years to do all 800 cars at premium quality...

33 years...people want 800 cars at premium quality? wait for 33 years


Kon_Artist 4446d ago


this game is getting ass raped left and right.

where the hell does this happen.

i just finished playing it for 4 hours str8 and its freaking amazing. i just need a danm wheel i hope i can get one this black friday or somthing.

but people need to chill the hell out. this is not the 2nd coming,nothing is perfect. this game is amazing though. i got the ce and the chrome audi looks amazing. i drove a lot of standard cars and you dont even notice anything becouse ur usually driving fast.. becouse this is a racing sim..

N4g_null4445d ago

You are so right. Yet I think the over hype is taking it's toll.

A lot of backlash is because almost every game coming to the PS3 was suppose to be like PC level compared to the xbox. In reality it's a little better. Really good in some spots hey but I blame fanboys on both sides for this. Some sony fans where expecting ati realism demos I believe. No one got that which is where the backlash is.

Then their is the idea that the PS3 is so much more powerful. This game shows an edge but the price difference should have been 50-70 not 300-100 difference we are seeing.

Many people bought a PS3 expecting to see that level of difference in the platform. These are the same people that complaned about 100-300 dollar difference in permium GPU cards on PC.

Expect a lot of disapointment fanboys are not logical. On top of this many PS3 owners are xbox owners also so is a large portion of PS3 owners trolling their own system? Not likly...... they truely believed the hype it seems.

Look back in my post history over hype can be very dangerous.

PostApocalyptic4445d ago

They attempt to compare the premium cars to the non-premium when the non-premium cars even look better than any car on Forza.


N4Great4446d ago

...but don't forget that the worst cars have forza 3 graphics ! :)

oldbox defense force in fullforce here...

airforcex4445d ago

800 cars look like PS2 and most premium look slightly better than F3.

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dabri54445d ago

Aren't the standard cars the same models used in gt4?

dabri54445d ago

No they are. Looking more into it Pd said so.

MNicholas4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

is that they don't complain about the 45,000 polygon car models, the mediocre lighting, lack of weather effects, and atrocious interior view in Forza 3 which even lacks the basic repertoire of driver animations, or the pathetic car count and 30fps frame-rate in the Need for Speed games, the lack of variety in racing genres, etc.

But they are quick to point out and exclaim in false horror, although Yamauchi already said that PD would do precisely this, that the standard cars are brought over from GT4.


All the FUD aside, here's the bottom-line:

The game with the most accurate simulation of what it's like to participate in the widest variety of races in the best cars on the best tracks is GT5.

airforcex4445d ago

Go back and read the reviews; everything you stated is opinion. The game won many awards and visuals were praised. It doesn't mean it looked better than GT5, but it does not look bad, and all 400 cars look next Gen.

PostApocalyptic4445d ago


First of all, they don't look like PS2 models. They look like Forza 3 models in comparison to the premium GT5 models. They just write "PS2 like" since that's more inflammatory even though it's more accurate to say they look like Forza 3 cars -- it's not like they are going to remember that Forza 3 cars look the same -- but instead try and compare it to some other PlayStation. PS2 is their only option. But in reality those cars look wayyyyy better than what's on the PS2.

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GavinMannion4446d ago ShowReplies(1)
rajman4446d ago

I transferred alot of cars from my PSP to my PS3 (using system link) and I was quite surprised they didnt look as good as the Premium cars, but still didnt put me off fro using them. Its not as if they drive poorly or anything.

MidnytRain4445d ago

I didn't really expect them to. Regarding the article, 3/4 of those shots don't even look THAT bad. Not premium quality, but not ugly/last gen.

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