How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday

Bitmob wants to help you make the most out of your Black Friday experience. Use this helpful list as a guide to your holiday shopping.

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acronkyoung3860d ago

I always just stroll into my local Meijer store (like Walmart for the midwest) several hours after sales started and pick up the cheap games I want. No lines or trampling necessary, though I don't get everything I would buy if I wanted to fight the crowds.

deadreckoning6663860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

"How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday"

Stay home, eat leftovers with family and friends..and plan out what your gunna get on Cyber Monday :D Hoping for a good PS Move deal from Amazon.

Sadie21003860d ago

I think I'll stick with Amazon this year, but it's interesting to see that Gamestop doesn't have the best deals....

choadley3860d ago

I stay away from early door busters. I feel bad for the employees, and have been one myself.

Neo Nugget3860d ago

I'll probably just try to snag some of the $10 games at Walmart since I live pretty close to one. Other than that, there aren't many deals that jump out at me anywhere else.

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