Saboteur and the Disconnect Between Game Critics and Gamers

Bitmob Moderator Alex Cronk-Young writes: Even though I received The Saboteur as a gift, I immediately had snobby thoughts about it. How good could it possibly be with the middling reviews critics gave it? I put it in my PlayStation 3 fully expecting to give up long before finishing it.

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choadley3856d ago

Good article. I think having to play every game out there as well as finishing the game fast enough to write a timely review can make critics less forgiving on a game's faults.

showtimefolks3856d ago

we put too much into a score today when i woke up i saw GT5 got a 8.5 i was like hell yeh awsome game

but than part of me wondered if they had enough time with the game since none of the other big sites have any reviews ign wanted to be first?

my thing is if a game has online you have to give it a few days so you can test out everything see how everythign feels

i start playing earlier IGN said AL was like a ZOMBIE in the first few levels yes but when i started to get to higher level with more experience beating them or taking them over became a task by itself

so just being first might mean more hits for your site but for a game dev that's not fair

just my 2 cents on this issue

JoeReno3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Good read with great insight into how the review process works, and the pressure of the looming deadline reviews always have.

That said, I picked up the game for 19.99 one day at walmart after reading some of the reviews that had kinda turned me off to the game. I gotta say, I had fun with it. I'm not sure if I would have had as much fun if I had bought it release day for 59.99, but picking any game at cheap price really takes the pressure off of the game to live up to the price tag.

GrandTheftZamboni3856d ago

Probably that's the reason why I enjoyed Haze. I bought it cheap out of curiosity how bad it could be, and I actually had fun playing it. And that's probably why I hated GTA IV.

JoeReno3856d ago

I have yet to try Haze, for whatever reason. Im sure it can be picked up for next to nothing now. I should put that on my list of games that i should get around to playing.

madpuppy3856d ago

It's funny I really have problems with aesthetics in a game and the biggest turn off with HAze was the predominant use of the color yellow, I couldn't stand it, other than that the game was not all that bad except for the over the top voice acting. As for Saboteur, the thing I really didn't like was the way things broke apart...for example I watched a video of the main character strapping explosives on to cows and when they exploded the cows would come apart like a bizarre jigsaw puzzle. I know that these things are no big deal to most people and both games have fine aspects as well, It is just an example of how different people perceive things and how they will effect a games score.

rdgneoz33856d ago

Yah, agree with you on that. Got Saboteur for like 20 or so and it was fun. Sure it had its faults, but it was a fun game. Developers should try to cut the price down a bit to entice people to buy their games more. At $60, people expect a lot these days and some reviewers (and gamers) are brutal as a result.

TANUKI3856d ago

Good game, but man... destroying all those white targets was INSANE!

Octo13856d ago

The Saboteur was a blast (no pun intended). I wonder if people stayed away from it due to Mercenaries 2 was such a stinker?I agree though that if your planning on finishing this game at 100% you're in it for the long haul. Until now when I close my eyes I see those little white dots scattered through the map.
I recommend picking this buried treasure up. Well worth the $19 asking price for it.

cb4g3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

...and I'm having a blast taking down those Nazi installations. When I got the maps for the regions and realized how many I had to blow up, I almost gasped audibly.

The game has a tonne of flaws, like akward controls, clumsy climbing and stupid enemy AI, but it's still an addictive experience. It's not going to win awards but the fun factor is definitely there.

It almost feels like a puzzle game when I'm trying to sneak into places without getting noticed and finding the best escape routes.

DaBadGuy3856d ago

It's a shame Pandemic went under.

I liked the Mercs series and the Saboteur.

Sure none of the games were graphic milestones or revolutionary in gameplay, but man were they so fun.

I had a lot of fun with Saboteur, I got it cheap and it was worth it.

I loved Mercs 2, having my own huge playground and the ability to level pretty much anything that was in the way of my tan.

Plus the commercial was awesome.

Sucka tried to play me but you never paid me, never

JoeReno3856d ago

It is a shame that they went under. I love their logo.

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