Microsoft Investigator Confirms Halo 3 Manual

Remember that leaked Halo 3 manual that was posted about late last month? Turns out it is real after all. Well according to Microsoft's freelance attorneys it is.

Kotaku recently received an email from an "Internet Investigator" on behalf of Microsoft asking them to take down the images from the manual because they were, he claimed, an infringement on the trademark rights of Microsoft Corporation.

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toughNAME4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

yay 3rd approved story
now i can appove stories :D
thanks guys

Zap Bran4gin4064d ago

awsome. that looks really cool.

cant wait till halo 3
gonna b awsome!

ThichQuangDuck4064d ago

according to this we still have to press the d-pad to talk like in the beta . in my opinon they should of mainly just stuck with the old controls and gadgets arent really needed but we will see.

Cr4zy1v4n4064d ago

If this is true, then where is the mauler on the weps page?

Zap Bran4gin4064d ago

they probably [who ever took these pictures] didnt take a picture of the next page with the mauler and all the other weapons

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