PS3 Eye Video Preview "Trails of Topoq"

Gamesradar has been busy putting The Playstation Eye through its paces again. First we played with tropical fish, and now we've been delicately pushing a ball over tiles in Trails of Topoq.

But this is not as simple as it sounds. Each tile is made us of a series of tiny squares that can be individually raised and lowered to create slopes and ramps, or any other shape you care to make with your body.

Starting off with simple tasks involving collecting boxes and getting to the exit, it soon becomes a lot more of a challenge with the edition of titling platforms and a ticking clock.

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MK_Red4062d ago

Well, this game is all the reason I need to get PS Eye. The game looks freaking awesome! Great find.

MaximusPrime4062d ago

yea i agree.

I love PS eyetoy and this new PS3 eye will be awesome. i even like the look of it. Anyone agree?

s8anicslayer4062d ago

the eye looks very promising for sony,i can't believe how innovative that periphial is!

felidae4062d ago

this looks amazing. never thought that the new eye would be that good.

DJ4062d ago

Sony probably has a dozen titles that are just as innovative that they're hiding from us (as usual). Can't wait for TGS!

gamesR4fun4062d ago

meh doesnt look that great 2 me but Im hoping we'll see lots more eyetoy games coming out for the ps3. We have quite a few for the ps2 and not only are they great fun at parties but the kids love them ;)

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