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1UP writes "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Much like Miyamoto and other notable perfectionist auteurs of the video game world, Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital have kept us at bay for nearly six years -- all the while chumming the water with teases, trailers, demos"

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ExplosionSauce3857d ago

OMG Yes!
Got my car running again! Gonna go pick this up! :D

MGRogue20173857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

See..? I told you, It was the fuel injector that was causing you problems, just needed a bit of tinkering. :)

Here's how I fixed it:

Anytime dude. ;)

blackbeld3857d ago

Good score non biased.

Guys one tip.

Buy the used car FTO(Mitsubishi) It will save you some money and tune the car too the max. :)

I just played GT5 for 6 hours straight. Its awesome.

AAACE53857d ago

GT 5 is a good game, but I feel it is unfair to compare Yamauchi to Miyamoto!

They are both perfectionist, but Miyamoto has been responsible for several different great franchises and coming up with new ones. And more or less getting them all flowing out at a reasonable time.

Yamauchi is only responsible for 1 franchise, and it took him nearly 5 years to get that one out. That's excluding GT 5p, because that was said to be a demo of GT 5!



I don't think it's unfair, but I can see they are really different.

Miyamoto is into developing many creative ideas to many original and fun games, although not everything can be perfect (case in point, WiiMusic).

Kaz is really really car obsessive mofo, that will go out of his way to go and get every piece of worthy support to make the most perfect racing sim/game he can envision... I love him for that.

On the time matter. Miyamoto has the advantage of making games that aren't trying to be realistic (not saying his work doesn't look good, but as far as it's good for him, it's ok, Kaz try photorealistic, which means it has to trick or go as close as he can for everyone's mind). Plus Miyamoto games are kind of a one man vision and effort, not that he does all alone, but he always have the final word on what is right and what isn't. Kaz go on the racing industry to get feedback, it's almost unfair to say the Kaz is the lead developer, although he oversses everything and is the perfectionist mind behind the great franchise, he's still wise enough to listen what fans and specialists have to say. There is a reason GT is major propelent and supporter in many major Racing events, i.e. 24 Hours of LeMans, where they are signers for the major team Pescarolo Sport.

Cevapi883857d ago

im at level 12 at the moment and loving every moment of the game...the jeff gordon racing school is HARD...stock cars have such rigid frames that its very difficult to control the vehicles with a controller...the go-karts are crazy fun and easy credits...A LOT of credits if you want to buy a premium car....thats how i got my fairlady 350z in the game

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showtimefolks3857d ago

because if you can't start it from the store how you gonna get back

but good luck

Hideo_Kojima3857d ago

GT5 is so realistic he can just drive the game back...

Parapraxis3857d ago

PS3, it only does fixing your car to buy a car racing game. =D

zeddy3857d ago

i hope hes right about the ai improving later and yes the special events mode is great and i think they could defo add more via dlc.

Domer253857d ago

Best deal in gaming ladies and gents. GT5 you play for months (maybe years)not hours to get through the SP portion. What are you waiting for? buy it.

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showtimefolks3857d ago

i am about to go pick my copy ign review said zombie AI is that true?

how is the online?

they also said career mode is bad what about b-specs anyone tried that?

Ducky3857d ago

I think this review got it right for the most part.

Zombie AI is a trademark of the series. =)
They drive around the track, don't know what else is expected from them.

Hideo_Kojima3857d ago

Game is great get it.

IGN is full of shit.

For example there is damage but its locked in the first few levels to help you learn how to drive without worrying about having to pay to repair your car.

Zombie AI?
The AI is pretty slow in the beginners races but they improve as you go up in levels.

232 premium cars...
800 extra seconda hand cars...

B-Spec haven't tried it yet but I did take the go-kart to the practice course it was fun.

Nitrowolf23857d ago

Zombie AI?

At first yes, then as you progress i notice that the actually tried to block me from passing and try to pass me and spin me off the road.

B Specs, i don't like it, It's like manager mode, you tell the driver to speed up, slow down, do a pass, ect. It's not my type of mode considering that i want to race the cars.

jwatt3857d ago

I was just getting ready to play it so I will let you know, the install took a while though.

showtimefolks3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

get back to all of us


thanks guys its just with a few bad reviews things were up in the air but since uall have played like gamers not like reviewers thanks for the info about to go buy see you online showtimefolks:psn

Ilikegames76: so there is no pick and choose which difficulty setting you want to play on as you win get better game becomes harder right?

thansk again for all your help

PirateThom3857d ago

Here's my impressions from playing all day:

-It's Gran Turismo. Everything you love about Gran Turismo is here, no compromises to make the game more accessible.
-The varity of events is outstanding, not just the normal races, but also the licence events and special events.
-Attention of detail on the premium cars is nothing short of amazing (photo mode, zoomed in on car, saw the numbers on the dials were modelled not just textures)
-The physics update has improved the game to an untold degree, cars do feel unique be it a heavy NASCAR or the lightweight karts or anything in between. Racing on dirt/snow has been refined now and, as I predicted, racing on a dirt track in GT5 does feel better than WRC 2010.
-Leveling, combined with licences, means you've always a next logical step with your car or a car than can be acquired cheaply (I predict this will continue as prize money increases as you move up the ladder).
-Lighting effects are outstanding, especially on the night/wet tracks.
-Once again, drift mode on Eiger Nordwand has me hooked.

-The Standard models aren't bad, but because of how good the premiums are, it's very noticable. The lack of cockpit view makes them impossible to drive for me.
-B-Spec mode, while I only spent a little time with it, doesn't strike me as particularly interesting.
-The leveling system leads to inconsistant damage/AI between events.
-The shadows are pretty bad in places, odd given the lighting.

raztad3857d ago

"The shadows are pretty bad in places, odd given the lighting."

This is something I've noticed. Very blocky shadows sometimes and in some places. Could it be a bug? the lightning is incredible and shadows are nice for the most part.

razielsonofkain3857d ago

Shadows are the only thing i could fault too. I hope its patchable. Gotta love the go-carts :)

p.s that Top Gear challenge with the VW hippy vans is hard as anything :( i dont have the patience. lol

antwin3857d ago

The AI is complex and lifelike. Spinning out and making mistakes in rookie leagues but becoming a force to reckon with in higher levels of GT. They no longer follow a predetermined course either and react dynamically to your presence, moving over for you to overtake, swerving to avoid you or even acting aggresively and side-swiping you if you too drive aggressively.

The online is pretty great so far, just what you'd expect really. 16 player Gran Turismo 5 with custom lobbies and game settings, private races etc.

Career mode is anything but bad, with a ridiculous amount of content to keep you busy. As you level up things like damage and realistic physics are increased to incrementally realistic levels. Once you are at the highest level you will see what the hype is about, this really is the real driving simulator, if you're into that kind of thing :)

Ilikegames763857d ago

Early on in the game, when you are at a lower level, the AI are not as competitive. As you reach a higher level, the AI becomes more aggressive and harder to overtake. The website complaining about the AI should wait until they are at a higher level then make a comparison.

cereal_killa3857d ago

Showtime if your a fan of racing games you should pick it up don't worry about what reviewers say some of these guy/girls are pathetic and give this industry a bad name looking for hits for there cheap websites. There nothing wrong with listening to peoples opinions but you should judge the game for yourself and if your really unsure rent it, if you don't like it your out what $6 instead of $60.

DXM13857d ago

i never buy games new... used makes more sense. I also dont play a lot of racing games (got ridge racer 7 laying around).

I bought GT5 today, and have put in more than 6 hours now. Im exhausted and sleep deprived. But to answer your question...
Yeah man go buy it. this game is worth probably twice what they are charging for it.

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Malicious3857d ago

Another good review. Just goes to show that GT5 is the best racing sim ever.

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Merrill3857d ago

It seems to be getting far more positive reviews from the sites that actually didn't rush their quick hit B.S. reviews. I can't wait to try this game for myself.

Bass_fisherman3857d ago

This game is brilliant and any racing fan shouldn't say otherwise.
And please lets not compare ok?

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