PlayStation Blog: Great Black Friday Deals For PSP & PSPgo

John Koller // Director, Hardware Marketing:

This Friday, November 26th, we’re very excited to bring you two new fantastic offerings for the PSP-3000 and PSPgo systems. Available at retailers nationwide, the Black Friday PSP and PSPgo bundles are your all-access passes to the most immersive and engaging handheld gaming, available at an incredible value.

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ActionBastard3861d ago

The Go with 3 games for $149 is a damn good price.

longcat3861d ago

i wish they would get an official pdf reader or office viewer. I would buy one in a heartbeat. Its a must for any device i buy now - use it a lot.

Kurisu3861d ago

The PSP Go should just Go away and make room for the PSP 2 and / or PSP2!